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Reblooming Tips

Reblooming Your Orchid

Orchids will rebloom year after year given the right conditions for their species. Follow these simple reblooming tips, and you'll be beautifully rewarded with new orchid blossoms.

General Tips:

  • Orchids like cooler overnight temperatures to induce them to bloom. When cutting back stems (or 'spikes'), be sure to use a sterilized shear and plant fungicide on the cut to prevent infection.
  • After all the blooms have fallen off, cut the old flower stem high along the stem at an angle—just above a node (the notches on the flower spike), but below the old bloom. If a rebloom doesn't happen within 45 days, if the stem turns brown, or if the orchid's leaves are thin, weak, or small (3" to 4"), cut it close to the base of the plant.
  • Place orchid along a North-facing window with no direct sunlight for 45 days, or until a new stem develops. Once the new growth begins, place your orchid in usual temperatures for that species.

Best Temperatures for Reblooming

Daytime Nighttime


70° - 85°F 58° - 65°F


70° - 85°F 30° - 40°F


80° - 90°F 55° - 60°F


70° - 80°F 50° - 60°F


70° - 85°F 55° - 65°F


70° - 80°F 50° - 60°F

*This species reblooms on mature new-stem growth

NOTE: blooming of Zygopetalum can be helped by shortening the length of daylight hours the plant receives by 2 hours for 3 or 4 weeks. Note that some plants will bloom off matured pseudobulbs, while some will only flower from new growth.

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White Sympathy Flowers

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Colorful Sympathy Flowers

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