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Springtime Gardening Essentials
Product Code:101119

Springtime Gardening Essentials

A gift of pink hydrangea in a galvanized planter, combined with our set of fashionable gardening essentials, is sure to widen her smile. While she's planning on where to plant the hydrangea, the accompanying hat, apron and gloves are a natural way to get her new landscape off to a stylish start.
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    Description Gardening Essentials

Give your favorite green thumb a reason to smile! Set in a vintage tin planter, our pretty pink hydrangea is perfect for adding a pop of color to any indoor space, or for replanting outside in the garden. Add to that a set of fashionable new gardening essentials—a matching hat, apron and gloves—and she's sure to be looking stylish while getting her garden ready for Spring!

  • Abundant pink hydrangea plant arrives in bud form, ready to bloom into full beauty
  • Set in a classic square silver galvanized tin planter; measures 5.87"H x 7.5"W
  • Once the blooms expire, you can plant your perennial outside for lasting beauty; with continued care, it will flourish every year