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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Club
Product Code: 102924
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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Club

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Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Shipped in a Gift Box
Same-Day Local Florist Delivery
Shipped in a Gift Box

New! 4 Times A Year - 4 Someone Truly Sweet! Looking for a gift that’s in truly good taste? We’ve created the ultimate gift – 4 seasons of fresh, sweet, juicy ripe strawberries dipped in 100% Real Dark Chocolate! Seasonally harvested from fertile strawberry fields, these 6 count gifts of succulent strawberries will arrive 4 times/year and have been hand-dipped in real dark chocolate, then drizzled, dipped and decorated to sweet seasonal perfection.

  • 6 seasonally dipped and decorated jumbo strawberries arrive 4 times/year so you’ll never miss another special occasion (Summer, Fall, Holiday, Valentine’s Day).
  • What could be sweeter? Pay As You Go, of course! The payment method used today will be charged for each future shipment. All shipments will go to the address provided.
  • This gift includes exceptionally fresh fruit and requires Overnight delivery
  • See Contents Tab for delicious details on each gift!
  • Shipping charge applies with each of the 4 shipments.