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Meet our featured Team Members
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Pauline L
Floral Designer, 1-800-Flowers® Retail
Pauline has enjoyed a long career in floral design at 1-800-Flowers® -- 13 years and counting. Much like her personal love of the outdoors (and motorcycle riding), she always brings a fresh and exciting take to her floral designs. And of course, she takes the most complete care when preparing 1-800-Flowers® products for delivery, always putting the customer first.

"It’s so great to finally have an input in floral designs!"

Nicole C
Machine Operator, Fannie May®
Nicole takes great care to ensure Fannie May products are of the utmost quality. This has been her mission for 5 ½ years. As much as she enjoys reading, playing board games and spending time with family, her dedication and professionalism at Fannie May are top-notch.

"Life at work is so different since the airing of the show!"

Dee P
Manager / Designer, 1-800-Flowers®
Chris worked closely with Dee while filming at one of our 1800Flowers retail locations, learning that not only is she a terrific person, but Dee also has a true passion for floral design. In fact, her motto is "treat customers as if you are welcoming them into your home," which has strong roots in her love of family and church. Inspired by Dee's incredible personality and the beauty of her native Cape Verde -- a lovely string of islands off the coast of Africa -- the stunning "Dee's Paradise" arrangement, available now, honors everything she does for 1-800-Flowers®, and our customers.

"The community continues to rally around the store. What an awesome opportunity to show the love and support of this neighborhood."

Sheryl R
Manager, 1-800-Flowers® Retail
Flowers have been a part of Sheryl's family her entire life, from her grandfather who was one of the largest flower wholesalers in Boston to her Mom, with whom Sheryl owned a floral shop in the Boston suburbs for over a decade. As a dedicated floral designer at a 1-800-Flowers® retail location, Sheryl takes her inspiration from everyday occurrences and always incorporates new and exciting elements in her floral designs. She realizes the importance of quality, and has worked tirelessly to ensure quality is of the essence when sending products for delivery to 1-800-Flowers.com® customers.

"This has been an amazing experience that I was so happy to be a part of. It has truly been great for the business."

Jose R
Production Manager / Dispatcher, 1-800-Flowers® Retail
Jose began working at one of our 1-800-Flowers® retail locations when he was just 15 years old. His enthusiasm and leadership stood out to Chris during the Undercover Boss experience. Jose is a prime example of an employee poised to grow within the 1800Flowers.com organization.

"Chris has really taken me under his wing. I have learned so much already and am eager to learn so much more!"

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There is a sadness that washes over us when we hear that someone near and dear to us has passed. Thoughts go through our head about this person when they were with us;good times, moments shared, laughter and even times of sorrow. Whether it is someone that was very close to us or someone that touched us some way in our life, we want to do something to honor that person. As you choose the remembrance gift you send, whether it is a flower arrangement or maybe something that will live on such as a plant, we think not only about what would honor the departed the most, but what would bring comfort to their family or friends. Now, in addition to beautiful flowers, there are remembrance gift choices that help those left behind during their grieving process.

Unique Remembrance Gift Ideas

Remembrance gifts are gifts that are long-lasting that can be placed in a home or yard that honor the departed while comforting those every time they see them. Choices include plaques that serve as reminders that the departed will never be forgotten such as sympathy plaques with angels or simply comforting messages. There are books of comfort that celebrate life. There are even dried wreaths made of greens such as eucalyptus and myrtle. Unique offerings are available too such as a seeds of life kit that allow a plant or tree to be grown in honor of the departed. And as important members of families, there are even statues for honoring beloved departed pets.

Ordering Flowers and Gifts Online

At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® they not only offer a wide selection of beautiful fresh sympathy flower arrangements that can be sent for a funeral, memorial or home, they also offer a selection of beautiful remembrance gifts that can easily be ordered online and shipped directly to a home or business. Remembrance gifts ordered through 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® even arrive in a gift box.

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