Meet Stephen Lenzovich, Director of Franchise & Retail Operations

How long have you been with 1800flowers and how did you get involved with the company? I have been working at 1-800-flowers since 1996. In the early 90’s I worked at a local florist in Merrick, NY. A good friend of mine, Heather worked in the call center at 1600 Stewart and she had read in the daily fresh talk that there was a job opening at our original Massapequa store, I was looking to make a change at the time and I applied for the job and that’s where it all began for me! I was actually hired by Mike Sparling and on my second day, while opening a box of flowers, I stabbed myself in the arm and needed stitches, Mike must have said, oh boy, who did I hire! What is your favorite 1800flowers product? I have to say; currently the Fruit Bouquet is pretty exciting to me. If I had to choose a floral product, I think then any of our Happy Hour products are pretty cool. What is your job title? Can you tell us about what you do and what is your favorite thing about it? Director, Franchise and Retail Operations; I currently manage the operations of the 1-800-flowers franchise system, overseeing the support of our franchisees day to day operations. I also manage the Flowerama brand operations with a great staff in Iowa, and also oversee the flagship store in the corporate office as a DM. How did you get into Franchise and Retail Operations? I have basically worked my way up the ranks here are 1-800-flowers, as mentioned starting in a Retail store, I worked every job, up to store manager, then up to DM and the RM. From retail, I joined the Store openings team, and then the fulfillment center opening team. I traveled around the country assisting those operators set up and open their centers. I then joined retail operations which led to fulfillment ops. Soon after that I joined the Bethpage fulfillment center as a GM overseeing that operation for many years. After Bethpage, I joined the franchising team in operations and that is where I am today. Part of my day to day operations is to also assist with our flowerama brand, a recent acquisition which has been very exciting. In between a lot of those jobs, I have assisted in some product development and special events for the company too.
Hard Work does pay off – and I have also learned a tremendous amount about people, being able to work with so many over the years, I never judge a book by its cover.
What is your favorite flower or plant and why? I think the King Protea, a tropical flower, is my long lost favorite, many people won’t know what it is, but I think it is so unique and powerful as a flower. It is very cool, Google it! 1800Flowers is a gifting company. What is your favorite gift to receive? I got a chance to taste some…, well all, of those Ms. Beasley’s Bundt Cakes, and they are my Favorite, especially the lemon! What’s your favorite thing about working at For me, this answer could go on forever, because there is so much that I enjoy here. But I think its being able to come to work and truly do what I enjoy, sure there are good days and stressful ones, but I have a lot of fun. I get to work for and with some great people, I have had many opportunities and been exposed to things that I would have never thought I would accomplish. I was in the restaurant business before flowers, and I am not a college graduate, but around here that’s ok, I have gained a ton of institutional knowledge and I have never felt like I was less valuable to my teammates. I have also enjoyed watching the company change over the years, and when I reminisce with some other long timers, its amazing how it has changed and grown! What is the most valuable lesson you have learned working at 1800Flowers? Hard Work does pay off – and I have also learned a tremendous amount about people, being able to work with so many over the years, I never judge a book by its cover. Where did you grow up and can you tell us a little bit about it? I grew up in Merrick, NY, I was an average kid, played a lot of sports, and did all the things crazy little boys do! Other than your fabulous work at 1800flowers, do you have any secret, or not so secret, talents? If so, what are they? Not too many things that I would consider a talent? Nothing to report here! I don’t dance, I don’t sing, I don’t play an instrument, I can’t really draw, can’t juggle? Well I guess I am pretty boring, but I do have a sense of humor! What do you do in your spare time? My numbers one is my Family and my daughter, she is 7 and I have enjoyed being her dad and doing all of those fun things together and teaching her new things every day. Besides that, I enjoy gardening, fishing and traveling and cooking. One of 1800Flowers’ main missions is to deliver smiles. What makes you smile? I think, just being there for people, the small things we may do, or overlook go a long way. I learned a long time ago that it doesn’t take a lot to make other people happy. It makes me happy to see other people smile. What is your favorite food type/dish and dessert? Probably my Mothers Spaghetti and meatballs and grandpa’s Banana Cream Pie! Who or what is your biggest inspiration and why? I am thankful for my parents, to try to keep me on the right path and teach me values, although my mother would say how It took me too long to listen to them and why was I such a pain in the butt in school- your smarter then this she always said !!!! But they always supported me and let me make my own choices, and overall I think I did alright! Oh Yea, and Jim McCann, we’re supposed to say that right! What rule do you live by? Do to others as you would have them do for you. I am not better then anyone and they are not any better then me. If you think this way, people will respect you and you will respect them. What is your favorite song and/or who is your favorite musical artist? Black Eyed Peas and so many others! What are your favorite movies and TV programs (past or present)? Silence of the Lambs and Seinfeld! Also love a real oldie called Barefoot in the Park too. What is your favorite quote? Hmm. You kind of got me here, I guess in a way, “Live for today, as tomorrow may never come”…? What is your favorite city to visit and why? Even though I live here, there’s still no better day then spending time in NYC with family, exploring new destinations with my Daughter is so fun, from Museums, the park, historic sites and so much more. You can literally sit on a corner for hours and people watch and still have a blast!
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