1-800-Flowers.com Participates in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk


1-800-Flowers.com employees pose for a photo after a rewarding walk

On October 19, 2014, 1800Flowers.com associates gathered friends and family members to join them in participating in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk at Jones Beach, Long Island. The team raised a total of $2,125 in donations and walked the five-mile trail in honor of loved ones affected by this disease. Continue reading

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Petal Talk Chats with Seattle, Washington Florist Mimi Lee

Through the the 1-800-Flowers.com Local Exclusive program, 1-800-Flowers.com franchise shops have the chance to show of one-of-a-kind, exclusive designs that can be purchased at 1800flowers.com.

Local Seattle florist Mimi Lee took some time to discuss the inspirations behind the local exclusive arrangements available only at Flowers4GiftSeattle!


Simple Ikebana

How did you get into the flower business and what do you love best about being a florist?
Before opening up our own shop, I had 10 years of floral design experience. I wanted to start my own small business. What I love best is the ability to share in the happy moments of our customers.

Local Exclusive Product Names:
Our local exclusive product names are the the Simple Ikebana, Home Sweet Desert Terrarium, and Simple and Sincere Dendrobiums.

What inspired you to design your local exclusive arrangements?
I specialize in Ikebana floral arrangement. The “Simple Ikebana” arrangement is the start of a series. As for the Home Sweet Desert Terrarium, I wanted to put a unique twist on the typical planters to make it more interesting and appealing. Finally, many arrangements contain a large variety of colors. I wanted to create something that’s not so busy with color, and make it simple, modern, and elegant, and thus, The Simple and Sincere Dendrobiums was born.


Home Sweet Desert Terrarium

What do you love most about your local community?
I live in a very diverse community. We have a mixture of many cultures, and different generations of people. A well balanced mix of both old and new where the people are friendly and courteous.

What are your favorite flowers?
Peony (for their fragrance and colors), and Sun Flowers (they are very bright and cheery). I also love Zinnia (nice summer flowers with a large variety of colors), they bring back fond childhood memories.

What has been the most rewarding experience during your florist tenure?
I find the ability to express myself artistically through flowers to be the most rewarding.

What is your favorite floral occasion?
Weddings and Christmas are my two favorite floral occasions. Wedding arrangements are much more personalized. The opportunity to create unique and beautiful pieces is very exciting. Christmas arrangements help create a warm atmosphere when families and friends gather.


Simple and Sincere Dendrobiums

What makes you smile?
There?s nothing as simple and satisfying as when local residents, our friends and neighbors, stop by to say “hi!”

In the California area? Visit this Seattle florist:
300 15th Ave. E
Seattle, WA 98112

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DIY Fall Leaf Vase with Autumn Flowers

diy-fall-leaf-vase-longThere?s nothing quite as celebrated during autumn as the stunning fall foliage that tops the trees, sprinkles the ground, and fills the views from our windows. Celebrate the stunning colors of the season by turning an ordinary vase into a beautiful fall leaf vase filled with your favorite autumn flowers.

For a more rustic look, we chose to simply use glue to keep the 3-dimensional look of the leaves, but if you are looking for a more elegant feel, simply apply a liquid adhesive such as Mod Podge to the top of the leaf as well so it smoothes and compresses into the overall look of the vase.
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The 1800Flowers Carle Place Office Celebrates Diwali

At 1-800-Flowers.com it has become a tradition to celebrate the Hindu “festival of lights” Diwali, also known as “Deepavali.” Using the lunar calendar, Diwali falls in autumn every year during the Hindu calendar month of Kartika.

To celebrate in the office, we dine on traditional cuisine and members of the 1-800-Flowers.com family dress in traditional and festive attire and decorate around the office with lit candles “diyas” and colorful floor art “rangoli” (our team used flower petals). Check out some of our pictures from today’s Diwali celebration!

Celebrating Diwali at 1800Flowers.com

1800Flowers Employees Celebrating Diwali in Kurtas (Men) and Chudidhar (Women).
From Left to Right: Vijayabaskaran, Shikharesh, Anish, Veerakishore, Bipin, Rakesh Vatti, Kiran, Manohar, Jyothi & Prajakta.

Flower Rangoli for Deepavali

Diwali Floral Rangoli Using Flower Petals

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Thanksgiving Craft for Kids: How to Make a Potted Plant Turkey

thanksgiving-potted-plant-turkey-craft-for-kids-1Thanksgiving is a time for family, reminiscing, and of course a feast featuring the star of the holiday: turkey. While the adults are busy making toasts and catching up, let the kids gobble up some fun with Thanksgiving crafts for kids!

Set up a crafting station where the children can turn potted plants into festive and fun turkey with this simple idea. You can choose to decorate an existing potted plant or use this craft to decorate brown ceramic pots which you can then fill with your favorite fall flowers (we used mums).

Be sure to alter the size of your feathers and turkey body to reflect the size of your arrangement.
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Pencils of Promise 2014 Gala

Education Sunflower Pencil Floral Centerpiece

Education inspired centerpieces with sunflowers and oversize pencils donated by 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. Crafted by The Plant Shed.

NEW YORK, NY ? On October 22, 2014 Pencils of Promise (PoP) celebrated their 4th annual Gala at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City. ?Everyone has a promise? is the organization?s mission as they help raise funds for education programs and operations in locations where it is needed the most such as Ghana (Africa), Guatemala (Central America), and Laos (Southeast Asia). PoP also encourages young leaders around the world to take positive action both locally and globally.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been thrilled to work with the organization for the past five years including the support of all four Galas, and was honored to be able to donate the education inspired floral centerpieces for the event.

“We are delighted to support Pencils of Promise, as we recognize the importance of education and training to help individuals grow both professionally and personally.”
? Chris McCann, President, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM

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Ideas for Honoring Veterans on Veterans Day to Show Your Appreciation & Support

honoring-veterans-dayEvery year on November 11th, friends, neighbors, and family members gather to honor those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. From veteran parades to gatherings in remembrance, there are many different ways to join the Veterans Day festivities to honor the brave men and women who have served.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for honoring veterans on their special day. To add an extra special touch, we even asked some of our very own veterans at 1800Flowers.com how they celebrate fellow veterans.

Attend a Veterans Day Parade

Does your town or city have a special Veterans Day Parade? If so, grab the whole family and be sure to show your support by attending. To be even more festive, you can wave American flags and sport a red, white, and blue outfit! VetFriends may be able to help you find the parade closest to you. Continue reading

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Take a Turkey-Sized Bite of Knowledge with the History of Thanksgiving

history-of-thanksgivingEvery year on the fourth Thursday in November, friends, neighbors, and families gather together to celebrate and give thanks. They fill their homes with decorations reminiscent of fall, relive favorite memories from the past year, and sit down for a traditional feast featuring the star of the show ? a turkey sized for sharing. But where did these traditions and the holiday we now know as Thanksgiving stem from?
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Thanksgiving Quotes about Gratitude

thanksgiving-quotes-about-gratitudeThanksgiving is a time of reminiscing, reflections, and of course ? recognition for all of the things and people we have to be thankful for. In honor of this gratitude-filled holiday, we?ve compiled a list of 14 inspiring quotes about Thankfulness.

Use these for any Thank You cards you are sending, Thanksgiving speeches you are giving, or simple share with someone who could use a little bit of inspiration.

Get Inspired with these 14 Thankful Quotes

?Be thankful for what you have, you?ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don?t have you will never, ever have enough.? ? Oprah Winfrey

“We must find time to stop & thank the people who make a difference in or lives.” ? John F Kennedy

?As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.? ? John F. Kennedy

?Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.? ? William Arthur Ward

?If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness. It will change your life mightily. ? Gerald Good

?Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.? ? William Arthur Ward

?Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.? ?William Arthur Ward

?The root of joy is gratefulness.? ? David Steindl-Rast

?I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.? ? William Shakespeare

?We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.? ? Thornton Wilder

?There are two kinds of gratitude: the sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give.? ? E.A Robinson

?Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.? ? Epicurus

?Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.? ? A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

?Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received. Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling. Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.? ? Henry Van Dyke

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Diwali, The Festival of Lights: How to Celebrate

What is Diwali?

how-to-celebrate-diwali-candlesOnce a year in autumn, during the darkest new moon in the Hindu month Kartik, Hindu communities and temples will shine bright with millions of candles and lamps. This celebration, known as Diwali ? or the festival of lights ? dates all the way back to ancient times! Diwali 2014 is celebrated on October 23rd and for several days after, depending on the family?s religion and traditions.

The traditional name of this holiday, Deepawali originates from the Sanskrit words deep, meaning light and avali, meaning row. Depending on the region and religion, the duration of the festival (3-5 days) as well as the history and origin of the holiday may vary. Although Diwali is mainly a family affair, Diwali is also a religious day for many Hindus. Many celebrate the holiday to bring prosperity and good health to their families.
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