Tips and Ideas for Passover Hostess Gifts

Looking for the perfect Passover gift for your Seder host or hostess? Whether this is a yearly occasion or your first time observing, these Passover hostess gift tips and ideas are sure to take the stress out of gifting.

Gifting Food? Make Sure It’s Kosher for Passover

passover-hostess-gift-tipsIf you want to show up with a festive assortment of delicious treats for everyone to enjoy, make sure they are not just kosher, but specifically kosher for Passover. Look for the “OKP” symbol when shopping for Passover gifts and treats. If you’re not completely sure, you may want to avoid gifting food altogether to avoid offending.

Give Reusable Gifts

If your recipient plays hosts or hostess often, consider giving them a gift they can reuse for their entertaining in the future, such as personalized barware. The customized touch is extra thoughtful, and the host will think of you every time they entertain!

While the Kids are at Bay, the Adults will Play

In between serving and caring for the younger guests, hostess duties can be tiring. Take some of the stresses off of them by bringing something to keep the kids busy so the host can tend to the other guests such as board games or playing cards.

Help Melt Those Party Planning Stresses

Planning and hosting an event at home can be stressful, and a Passover seder is no exception. Give your special host or hostess a gift to help him or her melt the stresses away such as a spa basket or gift certificate to their local day spa.
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How to Throw a Puppy Party

National Puppy Day is March 23rd! Celebrate your favorite furry friend by inviting the (friendly) local canines over for a puppy party filled with woof-worthy treats and pooch-approved activities.

Be sure you dog-proof your home before the big day – this may include putting away valuables as well as placing gates in areas you prefer to stay closed off.
Max the Rescue Pug and Mr. Bojangles with the Party Animal™a-DOG-able®

Puppy Party Invitations

Since our furry friends are not able to RSVP themselves, you’ll have to send it to their loyal owners! Sending e-card invitations is a great way to invite your fellow dog lovers. There are many e-card sites that carry a wide selection of dog themed e-invitations like Here are a couple that we thought were “a-dog-able”:


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DIY Manischewitz Passover Centerpiece with Purple Flowers

DIY-Manischewitz-Passover-Centerpiece-with-FlowersSet the scene for your Passover Seder and celebrations with a creative twist on your décor! Taking inspiration from Passover’s most popular wine – Manischewitz – we came up with this creative Passover centerpiece that will add a fun and festive touch to your spread.

To celebrate vino’s robust purple color, we paired a stunning bouquet of purple flowers with an empty bottle of the wine and some juicy dark purple grapes. This centerpiece is simple to make and takes little to no time at all. Whip these up about an hour or two before guests arrive – that way, you can empty the bottles by filling their wine glasses. Or, pour the wine into mason jars and place in the fridge to chill.

Tip: one bouquet can go a long way so you can certainly make several of these creative arrangements and spread them throughout the table for a “pop” of fun!
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All About Roses

With their unparalleled beauty and versatility, it’s clear why roses are amongst the most popular flower around the world. From being showcased around homes to being a key ingredient in perfumes to being the subject of works of art throughout history, the rose has been immortalized from a flower to an iconic part of human culture.


History of Roses

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All About Orchids

There are few flowers quite as sought after and elegant as that of the orchid. Even those who claim they do not love flowers will stop in their tracks when they spot a stunning orchid in their line of vision. While orchids are one of the less common plants gifted on special occasions, they are one of the most common plant groups found in the world. Read on and learn more about this stunning bloom!


History of Orchids

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The Origin of April Showers Bring May Flowers

Once April 1st comes around, it’s time to take out of storage those rainboots, umbrellas, ponchos and of course – vases for your spring flowers. The age-old saying “April Showers Bring May Flowers” still holds true today. But just how did this fun saying originate? Today we’re diving into the history of this poem and prepping for the rainy months ahead of us!

April Showers Bring May Flowers: A History

origin-of-april-showers-bring-may-flowersThe poem as we know it today originated all the way in 1157, in the form of a short poem written by Thomas Tusser. The poem can be found in the April section of a collection of his writings titled, “A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry.” The poem goes as follows:
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Thoughtful and Heartfelt Get Well Gift Ideas from Free E-Cards to Get Well Dog Flowers

Know someone special who is feeling under the weather and could use a pick-me-up? get-well-gift-ideas-ecardsPut a smile on their face and let them know they are on your mind by surprising them with a get well gift. Here are some ideas to help get you started on your way to sending smiles to those who could use them.

Send a Smile Electronically with a Get Well E-Card

Send well wishes instantly to anywhere in the world with a get well e-card delivered straight to their inbox. has a selection of both free and premium get well e-cards that are the perfect pairing to a bouquet of get well flowers or a batch of get well cookies.

Floral Get Well Gift Ideas

Get Well Bouquets

Flowers add a touch of cheer to any atmosphere, making them a great choice for a get well gift. Whether you know your recipient’s favorite flower or not, there is always an appropriate arrangement for every personality.

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DIY St Patrick’s Day Decoration: Pot of Gold Centerpiece with Flowers

diy-st-patricks-day-decorations-pot-of-gold-centerpiece-with-flowers-verticalSt. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you’re indulging in traditional Irish foods or celebrating with all things gold and green, add a touch of luck to your home decor with a creative pot of gold centerpiece.

The age-old Irish tale states that at the end of the rainbow, you may be lucky enough to find a leprechaun guarding his pot of gold. Reminiscent of a rainbow, the Kaleidoscope Roses from inspired us to create our own pot of gold under the rose rainbow!

Using just river rocks which can be found outside or purchased at your local garden goods store, we created our own gold nuggets. While they may not have any monetary value, they added a simple and fun festive touch to the decor. Continue reading

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International Women’s Day Celebrations Around the World

Every year on March 8, one holiday takes the phrase “girl power” to a whole new—and global—level. It’s called International Women’s Day (or IWD), and it applauds the achievements of women all over the world. The holiday was born in 1911 when women in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland rallied together in support of women’s rights. It wasn’t until 1975, when the United Nations began sponsoring the event, that International Women’s Day started to gain recognition. Now, the day is officially observed in 27 countries across the globe. International Women’s Day to Honor Women Continue reading

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Trendy Trifecta: DIY Planter Decorating with Gold Foil

diy-planter-gold-foil-decoratingLooking for the perfect way to add some dazzle to your workspace?Look no further than potted plants! They not only add a simple and chic fresh touch but plants also have tons of great benefits. Win-win!

We jam-packed 3 trends – DIY-ing, chic potted plants, and gold foil – and turned them into one super chic and trendy decoration to add a touch of glam to your work desk or study. The potted plant used here was the Succulent Garden by Real Simple®. It comes in a sleek white ceramic planter which served as the perfect canvas for what I had in mind. The best part? Not only was this craft so easy, but if you grow tired of the metallic look, the gold foil polka dots will come off easily with some rubbing alcohol!

Note:  A 1” round hole punch was used here to create the “polka dots.” You can choose whatever hole puncher you wish to achieve your desired look. Alternatively, if you do not have a hole puncher, you can easily use scissors and a pencil to trace and cut out your desired shapes.
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