Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Merchandising Interns

July 28, 2014

The merchandising team is responsible for ensuring that provides our customers with a wide variety of products that are sure to deliver smiles. Summer interns Isaiah, Donna and Sade are helping the team this summer. Find out what other fun activities they participate in during their internship.

INTERNal Perspective: Isaiah Rowe

IsaiahRoweMy experience here at has been very unique. I am a rising sophomore at Farmingdale State College and this is my first internship. Generally, when I hear internship, I think of getting coffee, stapling and collating papers. Though I’ve done my fair share of organizing paperwork, this experience has been much more. My team within the merchandising department has made me feel like a vital part of the team in addition to making me feel at home in the office. Outside of my department, I have had a plethora of opportunities to experience different aspects of the company including attending the annual fiscal year kickoff meeting and participating in an intern video assignment.
I’ve definitely had a lot of fun this summer at If I had to narrow it down to the highlight of this internship so far, it would have to be our Lunch and Learn workshop with Founder & CEO of, Jim McCann. It was amazing to sit down and listen to his story of building the company from the ground up. He is a hard-working and diligent man with a strong will to win and a sprinkle of luck. One thing that stuck was the importance of networking and connecting with people on a personal level. His exact words were “Build relationships first and do business second.” I was inspired by this because he was so candid and authentic. This internship has been a great opportunity as well as a great learning experience and I am very thankful to be one of thirty-four interns who get to take this all in. It will prepare me for the future and help me to be successful.

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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Product Development & Merchandising Interns

July 22, 2014

This week, get an inside look on how products are developed and curated – Ilana, Lisa and Megan discuss their roles in Product Development and Merchandising!

INTERNal Perspective: Ilana Faibish

IlanaFaibishInterning at has been a valuable and informative experience. I currently study Music Performance and the Business of Entertainment, Media and Technology at New York University and was very excited when I found out that I would be interning in the Product Development department. My manager has been such a pleasure to work for and I learned so much about the company. Product Development is an integral component of that works very closely with both the Merchandising and Photography teams to ensure that products on the website are fresh and meet the expectations and needs of the customers.
Half of my experience this summer has been spent in the office and the other half in the studio. When I’m in the studio, my manager and I are usually processing the bouquet orders that come in from Procurement. Currently, Product Development and Merchandising are working together to determine which new vases should replace older ones and how we can utilize excess inventory. We test these bouquets with a variety of vases in store that we may want to bring in, meet with the Merchandising team and determine which will be financially advantageous. When I’m in the office, I am updating and editing our Spring and Valentine assortment plans with adjustments according to the Gross Margins. By working in the office and the studio, I learned the different aspects of Product Development.

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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 Marketing Interns

July 16, 2014

This week, Patrick, Madison and Simone from the Marketing Team discuss their internships. Though they are all part of the Marketing Team, each intern has a unique experience since they are a part of different departments.

INTERNal Perspective: Patrick Hartnett

PatrickHartnettEmail Marketing Intern

My name is Patrick Hartnett and I am an intern on the Email Marketing Team here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. I am a rising junior at Binghamton University where I am majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish.

In the first few weeks of my internship, I was immediately immersed in the fast-paced work environment of a corporation. With no previous corporate experience, my time here at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been eye-opening. As a member of the Email Team, I have had the chance to interact with a variety of teams including Creative, Merchandising and Web. This exposure to different areas of business has helped me learn the everyday rhythms of a corporate work environment.

In respect to email marketing, my internship experience has showed me how much hard-work and dedication goes into every single email. The Email Team works weeks in advance to plan out and create the email campaigns that will be the most effective in connecting with the customer. Overall, my experience at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been invaluable. I am very happy to be an intern here and I am excited to see what the rest of my internship has in store!
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Inside the 1800Flowers Offices, INTERNal Perspective

INTERNal Perspective of 2014 IT Interns

July 11, 2014

This week, we are pleased to introduce five interns interning in 1-800-FLOWERS.COM’s Information Technology (IT) department. Parker, Gary, Erik, Michael and Shaffir all contribute to the company’s IT team in different ways, find out what they have learned and gained through their summer internships!

INTERNal Perspective: Parker Rappaport

ParkerRappaportWorking at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has been a great experience so far. I currently study Computer Science at Brooklyn College and am interning with the IT Quality Assurance team, where I’m gaining valuable information on to test software in a large scale.
With a year left in school, I had a desire to work at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM because I wanted to be in a professional work environment close to home and work in corporate setting where my work was important to the company. I want to make an impact and that’s what I’ve been given the privilege to do here. I’ve already learned so much, not only about my field, but about the corporate environment as a whole and how much goes into running a large company.
Though I want to be a software engineer, this internship has exposed me to the different areas of the software development cycle. In addition, proper testing of software is something anyone working with software development needs to know.

I’ve worked on programming projects in school, but we didn’t test any of the projects as I have experienced at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. In school, everyone would try to work on everything which was confusing, but here, everything is broken up into separate departments to get work done much more efficiently. This is something I’ll keep with me when I go back to school and when I start working full-time post-graduation.

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7 Mouthwatering Ways to Celebrate Chocolate Day!

July 3, 2014

Through a lot of tedious decision making (along with lots of chocolate taste-testing), we’ve narrowed down all of our choices to just seven of our favorite chocolate gifts, in honor of Chocolate Day. So, get ready to enjoy these top tempting treats.

1. Fannie May Colonial Chocolate Assortment

We’re not sure if life is like a box of chocolate, but we know life should be filled with boxes of chocolate.
Mixed Chocolates by Fannie May

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Fun Flower Facts

Different Types of Sorority Flowers

March 22, 2013

AOPi sorority flowersWhen people hear the word sorority they don’t normally associate it with flowers but unbeknownst to many, most organizations have a flower association that ties into their traditions. There are 26 nationally recognized social sororities that each have their own special sorority flowers to further identify themselves.

Flowers are a component of sorority ceremonies, and as decorations at sorority events. New members or “sisters” are also typically given the sorority’s flower on the day they are initiated as a welcoming gift.

Sororities Who Use Roses

Multicolored Sorority RosesRoses are not only beautiful, but often symbolize love and appreciation, which is why many sororities use it to symbolize their organization.

    • Alpha Gamma Delta (ΑΓΔ) uses red and buff colored roses with green asparagus ferns.
    • Alpha Omicron Pi (ΑΟΠ) uses the jacqueminot rose.
    • Alpha Sigma Tau (ΑΣΤ) is known to use the yellow rose.
    • Alpha Xi Delta (ΑΞΔ) is represented by the pink rose.
    • Delta Gamma’s (ΔΓ) flower is the Delta Gamma cream colored rose.
    • Delta Zeta (ΔΖ) represents themselves with the pink Killarney rose.
    • Theta Phi Alpha (ΘΦΑ) and Kappa Delta (ΚΔ) both use white roses as their flower.
    • Sigma Delta Tau’s (ΣΔΤ) uses golden tea roses to represent themselves.
    • Phi Sigma Sigma (ΦΣΣ) identifies themselves with the American beauty rose.

Sororities Who Use Carnations

Pink Carnations for SororitiesCarnations are a very versatile flower and come in a variety of colors which makes it easy for sororities to choose the variety and color that best represents themselves.

    • Alpha Chi Omega or ΑΧΩ is represented by the red carnation.
    • Gamma Phi Beta (ΓΦΒ) uses a pink carnation.
    • Pi Beta Phi (ΠΒΦ) uses wine carnations.
    • Phi Mu (ΦΜ) uses rose color carnations.
    • Chi Omega (ΧΩ) represents themselves with white carnations.


Sororities with Purple Flowers

Purple flowers and flowers in the purple family are also commonly used by many sororities to represent themselves. With purple often symbolizing confidence, wisdom, courage, amongst other strong character traits, it is the perfect fit.

    • Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ), Zeta Tau Alpha (ΖΤΑ), Sigma Kappa (ΣΚ), and Sigma SigmaSorority Violets Sigma (ΣΣΣ) all use different color violets as their flowers of choice.
    • The woodland violet is used by Alpha Delta Pi (ΑΔΠ).
    • The white violet which is mainly a white flower with hints of purple in the center, is used by Zeta Tai Alpha (ΖΤΑ).
    • The wild purple violet is used by Sigma Kappa (ΣΚ).
    • Delta Phi Epsilon (ΔΦΕ) uses purple irises.

Sororities with Unique Flowers

Some sororities have chosen more unique flowers to identify themselves.

    • Lily of the valley is used by both Alpha Epsilon Phi (ΑΕΦ) and Alpha Phi (ΑΦ).
    • Forget-me-nots and lily of the valley is used by Alpha Phi.
    • The pansy is used by Delta Delta Delta (ΔΔΔ).
    • The black and gold pansy is used by Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ).
    • The fleur-de-lis is Kappa Kappa Gamma’s (ΚΚΓ) flower of choice.
    • Narcissus and aster are used by Alpha Sigma Alpha (ΑΣΑ).

Unique Aster Sorority Flower

Have you or someone you know used flowers in their sororities? We’d love to hear YOUR sorority flower stories!