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What Is Her Rose Style?

Here are a few more “rosey” ideas for Valentine gifts that speak from the heart. Nothing is more romantic than a gift that says that you know who they are and what they’re about. If she reminds you of Taylor … Continue reading

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A Rose is a Rose… Or Is It?

The rose has been a symbol of love for thousands of years. And even though giving roses to someone to express your love is an age-old tradition it has never lost its power to touch the heart of the recipient. … Continue reading

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Setting the Mood with Food, Flowers, and Candles

Set The Mood on Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day is all about love and expressing your feelings, so I prefer to keep the event itself low key and comfortable. At the same time the mood should be sensual, encouraging contact and … Continue reading

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DIY Santa Hat Holiday Treats & Crafts

Learn how to make Santa’s hat out of strawberries and flowers! Everyone loves Santa and everyone loves Santa’s Hat! Put one on and it’s an instant party! Anyone can wear one – young or old, big or little, animal or … Continue reading

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Seasonal Autumn Harvest: Rose Hips

I don’t think that there is a flower or plant that I don’t like. I am lucky to be in the flower business. I get to enjoy and experience unusual varieties that most people don’t have the opportunity to be … Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Homemade Christmas Wreaths

One of my favorite traditions during the Holiday season is taking a day to decorate the house. While it may feel like a chore for some, I have always enjoyed putting a lot of creativity and effort into my décor … Continue reading

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DIY Apple Dessert Bar with Caramel & Chocolate Covered Apples

A do-it-yourself caramel and chocolate apple bar is a fun idea for any gathering this time of year and it works for kids and adults alike! Using apple slices instead of whole apples makes it easy for guests to create … Continue reading

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Take Home A Treat

As soon as I spotted this fantastic old wooden crate at one of my favorite antique spots, I knew that there were tons of fun ways that I could use it! I had friends over recently for our first fall … Continue reading

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Vacation Memories

Turn Vacation Souvenirs Into Home Decor Part of the fun of traveling and visiting new places is sampling the local foods and beverages.  In California I enjoyed locally brewed beers and home grown wines.  I enjoyed the artwork on the … Continue reading

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Trend Spotting: Copper

Copper is the Look for Fall Copper has an ageless appeal that has transcended centuries. And as the saying goes “everything old is new again!” Copper seemed to start popping up everywhere this spring, and now it truly is “the” metal for Fall! You … Continue reading

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