DIY Father’s Day Gift: How to Make a Photo Plant

diy-fathers-day-gifts_photo-terrarium-2Add some photo flair to Dad’s work desk or home office with a creative DIY Father’s Day photo plant! We used the ready-made Cactus Dish Garden from, but you may choose to build your own dish garden or terrarium you want to start from scratch.

The photo picks took about 10 minutes to create from start to finish. We used clear adhesive mailing labels for this project, but you can use any type of clear adhesive paper such as contact paper. Use photos of the kids, the dog, or the whole family! If Dad is a sports fan, why not throw in a baseball or soccer ball into the mix? Get creative and wow him with a Father’s Day gift that blends both his loving family and his personality! Continue reading

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June Birthday Gift Ideas & Facts

To many, the start of June signifies the start of summer; the return of a much longed-for friend, stopping by to bring the gift of energy, laughter, and happiness. Those born in this sunny month reflect their June birth month with their cheerfulness and unmatched sense of humor.

June Birthday Fun Facts

June Birth Stone: Alexandrite and Pearl


Did you know that June actually has 2 birth stones?! Read on for some fun facts and history about the two stunning June birth stones – the alexandrite and the pearl.

Green in some forms of light and red in others, the Alexandrite stone is one of the most unique and beloved stones in existence. Named after the Russian Czar Alexander II in reference to the fact that the stone’s changing colors mirrored that of the Russian flag, Alexandrite was first discovered in the 1830s in the Ural Mountains of Russia.

The Pearl, on the other hand, is a more common but equally stunning stone, known in history as the “Queen of Gems.” The pearl has had a long history almost as rich as the gem is beautiful. From adorning the clothing of Queens and Pharaohs to being used as symbols of wealth and power, pearls continue to this day to be a strongly sought-after stone.

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DIY Father’s Day Card for Kids

diy-fathers-day-card-for-kidsShow Dad just how much you love him with this creative 3D DIY Father’s Day card! Using just paper, glue, and markers, this kid-friendly craft is easy to make and is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.

Pair this creative card with a delicious homemade brunch or slip it into the amazing Father’s Day gifts you prepared for him – he’ll really appreciate this simple yet sweet statement and will love showing it off to friends and coworkers!
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Creative Prom Corsage Ideas and Trends

A true fashionista knows that’s it’s the smallest of details that can have the biggest impact; This is especially true for prom when all of the belles of the ball are competing for best dressed! Here are some of awesome and inspiring prom corsage ideas to take that prom ensemble above and beyond.

Keep it Cool with Contrasting Colors

Lavendar and Blue CorsageMake a statement by adorning a bold and eye-catching corsage in complementary colors to your wrist. Opt for one warmer, lighter shade mixed with a vivid and cool pop of color or choose colors opposite each other on the color wheel (classic combinations include shades of orange and blue or yellows and purples). If you’re really looking to make a statement, add a third pop of color in careful amounts.

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How to Decorate a Graduation Cap with a DIY Flower Crown

diy-floral-crown-graduation-cap-decoration-finalFrom music festivals to spring picnics, floral crowns are one of the hottest trends this year. Now, you can take this popular hair accessory and incorporate it into your graduation attire with a few simple steps!

We found that using fresh flowers versus artificial flowers works best here as fresh flowers not only stand out but also add an intoxicating scent to your attire. The flowers used here come from the Floral Embrace bouquet from the graduation flowers collection. Continue reading

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How to Decorate a Graduation Cap with Flowers

how-to-decorate-graduation-cap-with-flowers-finalIt’s your special day, so stand out from the crowd by adding your own personal flair to your grad cap! Here is an easy yet stunning graduation cap decoration idea using simply artificial flowers and hot glue.

Choose flower varieties and colors that represent your personality! For example, sunflowers represent a sunny and jolly disposition, while lilies would be a wonderful choice for someone looking for a softer, more delicate touch. Choose two types of flowers in varying sizes for a visually impressive arrangement. As artificial flowers come in shapes and shades not strictly found in nature, you can really get creative with the layout and design.

We used 3D puff paints to personalize the DIY graduation cap decorating, but you can also use glitter pens or 3D fabric markers. Additionally, rather than writing your name, you can personalize the grad cap with a favorite quote, message, or simply your class year (“Class of ___”). Continue reading

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How to Make a Graduation Cap Centerpiece with Flowers

diy-graduation-cap-centerpiece-with-flowers Take your graduation celebration to the next level with a unique centerpiece using simply a vase, flowers, and an old graduation cap! If you don’t have access to an old cap, pick one up at your local party or costume supply shop.

This DIY graduation centerpiece is so easy to put together, and can be recreated in less than five minutes for a last-minute festive touch. For this project, we used the vibrant and fun Floral Embrace assortment from the graduation flowers collection, which arrived in the perfect sized vase for this purpose.
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Meet 1800Flowers Military Heroes and Families Through the Employee Spotlight’s Patriotic Edition

Summertime is the perfect season to salute the men and women who have dedicated their lives to defending the red, white and blue between Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, and July 4th. Although we may not realize it, military heroes/veterans live and work all around us. has a few military heroes and military family members of our own! Meet the brave 1800Flowers military heroes, whom we proudly call our co-workers, and find out which patriotic flower arrangements are their favorite.

John RyanMeet John Ryan
Digital Leadership Senior Associate

John, who tackles new business challenges head-on with his team, joined the 1800Flowers family in December 2012. Before then, he served in the U.S. Army from 2003-2008, and then he served in the Army Reserves from 2009-2012.

John Ryan Serving as a US Military Soldier in Iraq

John on foot patrol and engaging with the locals near Iskandariyah, Iraq, in 2006.




Why He’s Proud to Be a U.S. Military Veteran: “My wife and I share the same values as many military families. We’re loyal to each other and strive to be selfless with our loved ones. Though those qualities are not necessarily original, they are held extraordinarily high by military members and veterans. And that makes us feel like we are part of a All White Lily Bouquetspecial community.”

Favorite Patriotic Flower Arrangement: All White Lily Bouquet
“It’s traditional, pure and regal, like the army values.”

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Posted in Inside the 1800Flowers Offices | Leave a comment Helps Pay Tribute to Fallen Heroes at the USS Intrepid’s 2014 Memorial Day Ceremony

Memorial Day is Monday, May 26, 2014 and is a day to remember America’s bravest who protect the United States of America.


Every year on the final Monday in May, men, women, and children gather to commemorate and salute the fallen heroes of the United States military. While Memorial Day originally started as a day of remembrance for those who died solely in the Civil War, the occasion has extended to include all of those who we have lost during their time in the military. Some choose to commemorate their military heroes by visiting cemeteries, attending parades, or by holding private gatherings in their home to pay tribute to their lost loved ones.

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She always picks up when we call, she always knows the right thing to say, she’s our best friend and our confidante. There are so many reasons to celebrate the woman who does it all, so this Mother’s Day, is making it all about #MyMom and the countless reasons as to why she is so unique and special!

The Employees of share what makes their Moms one-of-a-kind:

1800flowers-employees-mothers-day-mymom#MyMom… is always there when I need her the most – Sara R., Interactive Marketing,
#MyMom… supports me in every decision that I make! – Nidhi P., Online, Mobile & Social Marketing,
#MyMom…floods my inbox with adorable animal photos. – Michelle Y., Content,
#MyMom… always knows the right thing to say to make it all better. – Tania N., Marketing,
#MyMom… makes the best chicken cutlets. – Chris S., Merchandising,
#MyMom… is my best friend. – Amber H., International,
#MyMom… believes in me even if the world doesn’t. – Kun Y., Creative,
#MyMom… is my biggest fan! – Kailey R., Public Relations,
#MyMom… raised 8 kids and still manages to be on top of everything… and have fun! – Nell R., Development,
#MyMom… loves and supports me and my 5 siblings for who we are, without fail. – Patty G., Web Marketing,
#MyMom… has all the answers to all my questions. – Michelle D., Social & Interactive,
#MyMom… has always put her kids needs before her own. – Jerry L., Human Resources,
#MyMom… had the best hugs; they made everything ok. – Andrea P., Human Resources,
#MyMom… is among the stars, always watching over me. – Sandeep V., Marketing,
#MyMom… would give me the shirt right off of her back – Jill S., Online Marketing,
#MyMom… Has always been my best friend in life – Valerie G., Product Development,
#MyMom… is the best cook I know, always making way more than we need! – Paula P., Gift Production & Warehousing – Cheryl’
#MyMom… has taught me more about life and love then she’ll ever know! – Eloise P., Public Relations,
#MyMom… whose children are birds and fly away, she is the tree we can always come home to. – David A., Human Resources,
#MyMom… is not my mom by birth, but treats me like one of her own. – Samantha H., Merchandising,
#MyMom… and I share the same Birthday…she says I was the best birthday gift ever but her being my mother is the best gift!! – Jamie B., Marketing,
#MyMom… left me the best memories, and still inspires me every second of every day. – Joe T., Creative Services,
#MyMom… has the best sense of humor and can always make me laugh! – Liz C., Public Relations,
#MyMom… never told my dad. – Earl H., Business Gifting,
#MyMom… can always cheer me up with a good meal – Natasha Z., Marketing,

Now it’s your turn to share what makes YOUR Mom so special! Head on over to the Twitter & Facebook pages and fill in the blank: #MyMom…

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