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Dos Gringos

Check out the video
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about their unique
approach to growing.

Dos Gringos

quoteAll of our sunflowers are grown & hand-selected on premier floral farms. We're proud to partner with these trusted growers, who help us deliver the highest-quality flowers to you and the people you care about most.quote

Alfred P.,
VP of Merchandising

Sun Valley

See what makes this
California farm's
sunflowers so special


Farm Fresh:
Sun Valley sunflowers are sustainably grown in the sunny west coast climate, which produces thick, sturdy stems with lengths up to 24"+ and brilliant bloom heads that measure up to 6"H.

Flower Fact:
As the sun moves across the sky, the Sunflower in the field turns its head to follow it. That's why the French, "call them "Tournesol" which means "to turn with the sun."

Sunflower Photo & Video Gallery
Our search for the finest quality, most unique sunflower varieties took us on a scenic trip through
the vast acres of California sunflower fields, which was the inspiration for these photos and videos.


4 Common Types of Sunflowers

Sunbeam Sunflower

Sunbeam Sunflower:
Known for its yellow/green center; comes in red, orange and green.

Sunsplash Sunflower

Sunsplash Sunflower:
This bright red sunflower has the most petals of any variety and a unique look all its own.

Mahogany Sunflower

Mahogany Sunflower:
A Fall favorite, this two-toned sunflower is distinguished by the dark red ring around its traditional center disk.

Traditional Sunflower

Traditional Sunflower:
The most common of all sunflowers; available year-round.