How to Support Someone Who Has Had
a Miscarriage or Stillbirth

Losing a baby during pregnancy is a heartbreaking experience for the expecting parents and immediate family. Finding the right words to comfort them can be difficult. As with any sensitive circumstance, there are things one can say or do to help during a painful time.

What to Do:

  • Lend an ear. The child’s parents might need to speak about their unborn child and show pictures of sonograms. Listen when they speak and talk when needed.
  • Use the baby’s name. If the name was already chosen, try to use it when you are talking about him/her to show that you acknowledge the baby and the parents’ loss.
  • Offer to help commemorate the child’s memory. Closure is important to healing. Preparing a ceremony for the baby or putting a special gift together in memory of the unborn child might help the grieving family deal with their loss.
  • Suggest a support group. Sometimes someone grieving a loss needs to talk to others who have experienced something similar. Consider offering to help find a support group.
  • Acknowledge the loss. Make it clear that you care about their loss and understand the importance.