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Julie Zheng

Julie is a content strategist at 1-800-Flowers, specializing in campaign marketing and virtual events and experiences. She has written about heartwarming connections in the real world, holidays, and other special occasions.
Mother’s Day Fun Facts 2024

Although Mother’s Day only became an official U.S holiday in 1914, the celebrations of motherhood can be traced all the way back to the ancient times. In more recent centuries, we’ve seen Mother’s Day observed…

Easter Surprise from Mom/Grandma

Social distancing and quarantining has made it challenging for families to celebrate holidays together. However, Ashley’s mom made sure to show her daughter and granddaughter they can still celebrate Easter with a heartwarming surprise! We are…

Birthday flower delivery from a husband in extended deployment.

Photo Credit: @moms4jams on instagram What we are experiencing right now with social distancing is only a fraction of what military families go through with their loved ones. Although COVID-19 extended Jake’s deployment, he made sure his wife, Shannon, still…