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100 Random Reasons to Send a Gift, #JustBecause

August 20, 2014

Every day is filled with a million reasons to give; every moment an opportunity to share. And sometimes, the smallest things are often the ones worth celebrating.

  1. You always make me smile
  2. It’s the third Wednesday of the month
  3. I’m paying it forward
  4. It was so good to see you last week
  5. You had a bad hair day
  6. I want to make your day brighter
  7. You put up with my music
  8. Traffic was a nightmare today
  9. You deserve a surprise
  10. Making you happy makes me happy
  11. You would never expect it
  12. You’re on my mind
  13. You could use a pick-me-up
  14. I felt like it
  15. You’re out of sight, but not out of mind
  16. You saved me the last piece of cake
  17. You’re the first person I want to talk to in the morning
  18. I’m feeling happy
  19. You cleaned the house
  20. You inspire me
  21. It’s payday
  22. You wore the sweater I bought you
  23. You made it this far
  24. I’m not perfect
  25. You helped me put together my new table so I don’t have to eat on the floor anymore
  26. I made you late
  27. …do I really need a reason?
  28. You think I’m beautiful without makeup
  29. You motivate me
  30. I dreamt about you
  31. You cut the crust off my bread
  32. It’s the little things
  33. You let me pick the movie
  34. You put up with my family
  35. You watch sports with me
  36. You deserve it
  37. I DVR’d over your favorite show
  38. You did me a favor
  39. You’re volunteering your time
  40. We’ve been best friends forever
  41. I can and I will
  42. I don’t want to wait until Valentine’s Day to say “I Love you” <3
  43. I haven’t seen you in ages
  44. You laugh at my [bad] jokes
  45. You helped me move
  46. You had a rough day
  47. You got a good report card
  48. I’d still be fixing that flat tire if it wasn’t for your help
  49. You’re my favorite gym buddy
  50. You take out the trash
  51. I can be weird around you
  52. You lent me that book
  53. It’s your half birthday
  54. You always go out of your way for me
  55. Your proofreading helped me get the job!
  56. You refused to let me pay for dinner and drinks
  57. You didn’t get mad when I borrowed your clothes
  58. Every day is a new day
  59. You were a great dog and house sitter (AND didn’t burn the house down!)
  60. You helped me with ALL my college applications
  61. Laughing with you is so much fun
  62. You dealt with the annoying parking lots to pick me up from the airport
  63. You “like” all my selfies on Instagram
  64. I miss you
  65. You didn’t tell Mom on me
  66. You’re on a diet and this arrangement has zero calories
  67. You were the designated driver too many weekends in a row
  68. You missed your track meet to spend the day with Grandma
  69. The recipe you gave me actually got the kids to eat their veggies!
  70. You love roses
  71. I’m lucky to have you in my life
  72. I can always count on you
  73. You make my heart beat fast
  74. I heard our favorite song on the radio
  75. You never give up
  76. Inside jokes are the best
  77. You watched the entire chick flick with me… even though the game was on
  78. It’s a three-day weekend!
  80. Life should be celebrated, every day
  81. You let me crash at your place for the weekend
  82. You let me vent to you
  83. You made me laugh so hard it hurt
  84. We’re happy & healthy
  85. You folded AND put the laundry away!
  86. You woke me up when my alarm clock failed
  87. You’re the only other person that can quote all of Mean Girls with me
  88. You followed your heart
  89. I wanted to know you were smiling, because of me
  90. You’re brave
  91. I wanted to impress you.. and your coworkers 😉
  92. We’ve known each other for 384 days today
  93. I want you to know I’m here…
  94. Movie nights are better with you!
  95. You’re better off without him
  96. You’re my #WCW
  97. I wanted to do something nice
  98. You’re always my “plus 1”
  99. Better late than never
  100. You saved me the last cookie

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8 Gifts That Will Totally Win Over Your Teacher

August 14, 2014

We know it’s a lot of work to become the teacher’s favorite student but these gifts make it look seriously easy. Sharpen your pencils and get ready to take some notes on our favorite gift picks!

1. Teacher’s Pet









It’s the first day of school and everyone is going to be on their best behavior, so you’re going to have a lot of competition for teacher’s pet.  Send this adorable a-DOG-able and this year will be a “walk in the park!”

2. The Popcorn Factory Study Hard Deluxe Tin

The Popcorn Factory Study Hard Deluxe Tin

Trust us. Teachers love snacks as much as the kids in the classroom! With this gift, you’ll also proudly announce you “study hard” for each and every exam.

3. DIY Pencil Vases
DIY Pencil Vase for Back to School
What you’ll need: a cylindrical beverage glass, 20-25 pencils, 5 rubber bands, and flowers.

What you’ll gain: endless respect from your teacher for making this super cool DIY pencil vase.

4. Thank You Treats Pail








With a delicious flower pail of cookies, you’ve just safely secured the most coveted position in the classroom.

5. DIY Back to School Flowers and Vase

DIY Back to School Flowers and Vase

Brighten up the classroom (and your teacher’s face!) with a hand arranged bouquet in a reusable vase.

6. Trophy Bouquet









What is better than a trophy recognizing your favorite teacher?
A trophy with flowers inside!

7. How to Decorate Back to School Notebooks with Flowers

Decorate Back to School Notebooks with Flowers

Your teacher will love these DIY notebooks, perfect for writing lesson plans and other notes. At this point there is no competition for teacher’s pet; you’ve already clinched that spot.

8. Just to See You Smile Bouquet









Fruit Bouquets always get an A+ in the break-room. And, not only will you impress your teacher/professor but also the entire school staff!

Inside the 1800Flowers Offices

1800Flowers #CelebrateJustBecause 2014 Twitter Party | Petal Talk

August 6, 2014

Join us,, for a “Just Because” Twitter Party on August 14th, 2014 at 8pm EST! Get ready to share all your just because moments and talk about the inspirational impact of making someone else smile.  Click here to RSVP and qualify for over $350 in prizes and giveaways!

RSVP and #CelebrateJustBecause

2014 #CelebrateJustBecause Twitter Party



1. PROMOTION PERIOD: 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® 2014 #CelebrateJustBecause Twitter Party (hereinafter the “Sweepstakes”) begins at 8:00 pm EDT on Thursday 8/14/14 and ends approximately at 9:00 pm EDT on Thursday 8/14/14 (the “Promotion Period”). Continue Reading…


13 Gifts You Should Totally Buy Yourself

August 4, 2014

Why only send gifts to someone ELSE on their birthday, anniversary or other occasion? We think you’re pretty deserving of a feel good gift. Here are 13 gifts to thank yourself for all of the awesome things YOU do.

1. Shari’s Berries Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries

Fancy strawberries

Strawberries are fruit, so think of this as a guilt free gift. Also, we’re pretty sure there is some compelling research out there that proves chocolate is good for the heart (and definitely for the soul).

Continue Reading…