Set your heart aflutter with our series “Love Stories,” which features unique couples whose tales will inspire you to celebrate and #ShareYourLoveStory this Valentine’s Day. This story tells the tale of two inseparable friends who celebrate their love for each other on Galentine’s Day and every other day. #ShareYourLoveStory

Bhaavika Gaddam and Winnie Wang hit it off right away. They met almost three years ago while studying acting at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, and they have been pretty much inseparable since.

Gaddam and Wang originally connected because they were the only two girls of Asian descent in class, and they celebrated that by bonding over food. They would cook Indian and Taiwanese favorite foods for each other and learn more about their cultures. They are also both a year older than their classmates, and they believe that helped to cement their firm friendship as well.

Why Galentine’s Day works

Both Winnie and Bhaavika love the idea of Galentine’s Day, a celebration of female friendships that’s marked every Feb. 13. The holiday burst to the forefront when the Leslie Knope character in the TV show Parks and Recreation expressed her trademark enthusiasm for it and carried her friends along for the ride.

For their part, Bhaavika and Winnie use Galentine’s Day as an excuse to dress up and go out together, though they admit that the COVID-19 pandemic has modified their plans for this year somewhat. All things being equal, they were planning to invite a couple more friends to join the festivities this year.

An easy friendship

They are also quick to point out that even though they have now graduated and live 15 minutes apart instead of just across the street, theirs is a 365-day friendship. That means hanging out watching favorite shows together, or meeting up with two other close friends to try out a new dessert spot or catch the latest movie. It’s an easy, comfortable friendship that doesn’t need any bells and whistles or work.

“Having same-gender friends is very important,” says Bhaavika, “because we can celebrate each other and be there to support each other.” She adds, “Women just know how women function.”

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