Set your heart aflutter with our series “Love Stories,” which features unique couples whose tales will inspire you to celebrate and #ShareYourLoveStory this Valentine’s Day. This love story begins in the game room, but it grows quickly beyond their shared passion for video games.

Antonio Gordon first spotted Tatyani Lawton across a crowded room. No, their eyes didn’t meet, and there were no cartoon hearts blipping and flashing. She was too busy smoking competitors playing Antonio’s favorite video game. He was impressed.

Now, two years on, they are seniors: Lawton is majoring in graphic design, and Gordon is studying English and will be embarking on his master’s.

“We still play video games,” he says. “It’s a good way to connect when we’re not together.”

Gordon describes their relationship as “simple.” He quickly adds, “That might sound boring to some people, but it isn’t. I love how she sees me for who I am and allows me to be myself. It’s hard to find someone that accepting.”

Family bonding

Lawton explains that she really felt close to Gordon when she saw him with his relatives. “What drew me to Antonio was when I met his family and I was able to see a different side of him versus him at school with everyone else,” she says, “and I really loved that.”

“Our relationship isn’t perfect — we do have arguments and disagreements, but we always remember that communication is key,” she says. It’s clear that they are content to save the drama for the video games.

“Being that we are not always around each other, we play games online to stay connected,” Lawton says, “as well as watching movies together.”

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