He is always in your corner. He’s your biggest fan — he’s your dad. While it may be hard to find the words to thank him for all he’s done for you, with our help, you can at least address your dad in several different languages, should the need arise.

Here are 25 ways to say “Dad” in different languages (just remember to call him this Father’s Day!).

dad in different languages with a bonsai next to a board that says "happy father's day"

How to say ‘dad’ in different languages

  1. Afrikaans: Pa
  2. Albanian: Baba
  3. Arabic: أب (‘ab)
  4. Armenian: Հայրը (Hayry)
  5. Bangla: বাবা (Bābā)
  6. Basque: Aita
  7. Bulgarian: татко (Tatko)
  8. Catalan: Pare
  1. Chinese: 爸 (Bà)
  2. Croatian: Tata
  3. Czech: Táto
  4. Danish: Far
  5. Dutch: Pa
  6. Estonian: Isa
  7. Filipino: Tatay
  8. French: Papa
  9. Greek: Μπαμπάς (Bampás)
  1. Hawaiian: E Pāpā
  2. Hindi: पिता (Pita)
  3. Hmong: Txiv
  4. Hungarian: Apu
  5. Icelandic: Pabbi
  6. Indonesian: Ayah
  7. Irish: Daid
  8. Japanese: パパ (Papa)

Fiona is a 2020 graduate of Penn State University, where she studied marketing and art history, and a former 1-800-Flowers.com intern. She enjoys Irish dancing, volunteering at coffee houses, and going to museums. Her favorite flowers are peonies.

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