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Cute Cat Pictures With Flowers

August 30, 2016

In addition to flowers, we also love cats! With that said, we hope these cute cats with flowers pictures helps make you smile! 

“This basket is definitely not as comfy as Mom’s bed.”


After a long day, a nap in the flowers sounds like a great idea!

Cute cat sleeping on the grass with flowers

This cute little kitten has the brightest blue eyes you’ve ever seen!

Portrait of cute little kitten outdoors in flowers

Flower pots are the best hiding place!

Portrait of little kitten with flowers

Have you ever seen a tinier floral crown in your life!?


This cat makes modeling look easy!

cat in flowers

Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here looking adorable.

This cat loves soaking up the sun.

little kitten wearing bow tie in the dandelion flowers

There are two types of cats: the curious and the clearly unamused.

American shorthair cat with white background and red flower

“This is how you wear it, right?”

little kitten crowned chaplet from the dandelion flowers

This kitten is NOT happy that the flowers are taking up his space on the windowsill.

Cute ginger cat with bouquet of camomila flowers. Cozy morning at home.

This little kitten is ready to hand you a pink rose!


This white fluffy kitten is almost as fluffy as the flower bush!

Cute little white scottish fold kitten sitting in flower meadow

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