As humans, we are always on the lookout for a little magic. Taking a foray into the realm of the supernatural is both fascinating and exhilarating, whether it’s fanciful daydreams or a deep dive into a fantastical world of mythical creatures.

And there is little debate over which magical animal is at the top of the food chain (figuratively speaking): the unicorn. This unmistakable horse-like being features a single spiraling horn on its forehead, making it impossible to overlook.

facts about unicorns with a unicorn flying above the clouds

Here are 10 fascinating facts about unicorns

1. Unicorns are earthbound

That’s right: Despite possessing beauty and power that seemingly defy the laws of our universe, unicorns call our humble Earth “home.” While we’re happy to share our space with such majestic creatures, they do set a pretty unrealistic standard for us earthlings.

2. Unicorns are small but mighty

While a unicorn may be large in stature next to a common human, among beasts, it’s quite diminutive. You should never underestimate these horned horses, though, because they are powerful enough to bring down an elephant. (We think they’d probably just get along and be friends…)

3. They are solar powered

If you happen to stumble upon a unicorn in the forest, you won’t see it munching grass; that’s way too mundane. They actually use their horns to absorb the sun’s light and convert it into energy.

4. Those iconic horns have a name

A unicorn’s horn is called an “alicorn” and is said to contain magical healing powers.

facts about unicorns with a unicorn in the forest

5. You’ll have to hike if you want to find a unicorn

Unicorns are rumored to live deep within forests (preferably enchanted ones), so you’re unlikely to ever see one. Of course, you should still stay vigilant the next time you take a stroll through the woods.

6. Unicorns stick together

Typically, unicorns live in groups of four to five, making them communal creatures. While we’ve never had the honor to enter the inner unicorn circle, we’re sure the conversation is top-notch.

7. They’ve been around a long time

facts about unicorns with a unicorn with purple eyes

In the Middle Ages, unicorns didn’t necessarily symbolize fantasy: While still magical, they represented grace in the age of castles and knights.

8. They’re multi-hued

Like normal horses, unicorns come in a variety of colors, each as vibrant and beautiful as the last.

9. Unicorns tend to have blue or purple eyes

As with coat colors, other eye colors are possible, but most unicorns have either blue- or purple-colored eyes.

10. They are magical beyond belief

Speaking of color, if you manage to lay hands on a white unicorn, you’ll receive a special gift — eternal happiness.

Whether you’re on a quest to find a unicorn, just hoping you stumble upon one by accident, or are simply happy to see them in your imagination and on the big screen, there’s no denying that these mythical creatures are inspiring.

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