Finding the right words and actions to express our sympathy when someone loses a loved one is often challenging. Here are seven ways to offer comfort and support during a difficult time.

Encourage expression of feelings

Allowing a grieving person to express how they feel can be a huge help. Try to listen without offering advice or interrupting. Letting them share memories and talk about their loved one might help them feel better.

Show affection

Often, showing affection will help someone else feel comforted. Try to hold their hand or hug them, if and when appropriate.

Be patient

It’s normal for someone grieving to experience a range of emotions. Healing takes time, so be patient and allow them to grieve at their own pace.

what to say to someone who is grieving with woman comforting a friend who has is grieving

Ask if you can help

Offering assistance with day-to-day matters can be very comforting. Running necessary errands or helping out with meals can go a long way toward reducing stress and giving them time to heal.

Encourage them to seek help

Sometimes a grieving person might need to join a support group or seek professional help in order to fully heal. Assist them in finding a group and/or making an appointment with a professional.

Send a card

Show your concern and support by sending a card. You can even put your own personal message inside.

Be sensitive

When someone is in mourning, some times will be harder for them than others. Holidays can be especially difficult, since these are typically occasions for celebrating with friends and family. Be sensitive to the feelings of those who have suffered a loss.

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