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While they might be a little too young for marriage, many high school juniors and seniors are looking forward to a proposal — a promposal, that is. Asking someone to prom over dinner may be all it takes for some couples, but if you’re in high school, or have been around high schoolers lately, you know the name of the game these days is “Go big or go home!”

Whether you’re looking for suggestions on how to get your significant other to ask you to prom, or if you’re the asker looking for some clever promposal ideas, here are five ideas for how you can create the best promposal using flowers.

1. Spell it out

Using the petals from her favorite flowers, spell out “Prom?” or “Will you go to prom with me?” You can do this on the floor, the table, or a large poster that you hang up at school. Then, lead her to her destination by creating a flower trail also made of petals — just make sure you also have a bouquet of her favorite flowers waiting there!

2. Write it out

Like many girls, the first thing she’ll do when she’s presented with a flower is stick her nose in it and smell it — use this as an opportunity to take her by surprise! Instead of giving her the flower as is, write “Will you go to prom with me?” across the petals. When she goes to take a whiff, she’ll see your message and, hopefully, reply with a resounding “Yes!”

promposal ideas with red rose prom corsage

3. Give her a corsage

No prom ensemble is complete without a corsage or boutonniere. Think about giving her a corsage early and asking her if she thinks the flowers will match her dress. Then, when she asks you what dress you’re talking about, tell her it’s her prom dress and that you’re certain it will match your suit — we’re sure she’ll get the hint!

4. Send a flower a day

There’s nothing like the suspense of waiting for a promposal. Keep her on the edge of her seat by sending her one flower a day for a week or two. You can send it to her home, classroom, or somewhere else she goes every day. Then, when you’re ready to officially “prompose,” make sure she finds you waiting with an entire bouquet filled with that same flower and pop the question.

5. Shower her with flowers

On the day you’re ready to ask her to prom, take five roses (or her favorite flower, if you prefer) and attach a card to the stem of each one. Put a “P” on the first card, an “R” on the second, and so on and so forth until all together the flowers spell out “Prom?” Then, recruit your friends to deliver one flower at a time throughout the day in any letter order. Once she has them all, she has to unscramble them to figure out your message!

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