The best April Fool’s Day pranks are the ones that make everyone laugh — even the prankee. With this day of mischief and trickery right around the corner, now is the time to solidify yourself as the prankster of your office, family, or friend group (or all three!).

1. The Squirting Flower

No joke is more timeless than the good old squirting flower prank. All you need to pull off this classic “got-ya” joke is an artificial flower, a coffee straw that matches the color of your flower’s center, a small squirt bottle, and a medicine dropper. Throughout the day, ask people for a hug or to read something that’s printed on your shirt. When the time is right, discretely squeeze the bottle sitting in the pocket of your shirt or taped to your chest, and enjoy a good laugh!

2. Smelly Flower Surprise

If there’s one thing most flowers are known for, it’s their sweet scent — but not today! Prank someone you love by leaving a bouquet of smelly flowers in a vase on their table. After a little while, the not-so-beloved smell of these flowers will fill the room and send your loved one on a quest to find the source of the smell. Some of the most foul smelling flowers are:

  • Above Titan
  • Stinking Corpse Lily, a.k.a. Rafflesia arnoldii
  • Western Skunk Cabbage a.k.a. Lysichiton americanus
  • Carrion Flower a.k.a. Stapelia gigantea
  • Stinking Root Parasite a.k.a. Hydnora africana

3. Air Horn Surprise

April Fool’s Day may fall on a Sunday this year, but we don’t think that should mean your entire office gets off scot-free. Surprise everyone with a belated April Fool’s prank by taping an air horn to the base of someone’s seat. When they sit down and lower their seat, the air horn will go off. Needless to say, no one in the office will need coffee to wake up that morning.

4. Photo Flip

Looking to prank your parents with a little light-hearted fun? Switch out some of their favorite photos around the house with your favorite celebrity, other members of the family, or cartoon characters. The best way to really pull one over on them is by not telling them how many pictures you’ve tampered with and to let them stumble across pictures all year long.

5. Flower Font Switcheroo

Looking to prank the techy in your life? Swap out their pre-set Arial or Times New Roman font for one of these free, downloadable flower fonts! The second they sit down to write an email or draft a proposal, they’ll be surprised to learn that all of their fonts have been hit with a dash of flower power!

Once your prank war has ended, thank your friends and family for being such good sports by gifting them with a trick-free bouquet of flowers.


Tara Carlson graduated from Hofstra University with a degree in Public Relations and loves any and all things creative writing - which is why she is thrilled to be working with Petal Talk. When she's not writing, you can probably find her swimming at the beach, playing soccer, and catching up on the latest movies (she's a big fan of award season)!

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