Looking for a last-minute Halloween costume for you or your kids? Instead of dropping close to $100 at the Halloween warehouse, get inspired by your favorite blooms and make this adorable DIY flower costume instead. It’s fast, fun and cheap: If you don’t already have the supplies lying around your house, you can find them at your local dollar store! Just follow this simple tutorial and you’ll be blossoming in the spotlight at your Halloween party.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY Flower Costume

Flower Costume Materials Needed

Laundry basket*
Brown wrapping paper
6 long-stemmed flowers
12-foot pet tie-out rope (or regular rope)
Adhesive tape
Hot glue gun
Thick plastic headband

* You’ll be wearing the basket around your waist, so make sure it’s big enough for you to fit in it

How to Make a Flower Headband

How to Make a DIY Flower Headband
  1. Cut off the top of one of the flowers, leaving about an inch and a half of the stem in tact below the head of the flower. Remove a large leaf from the stem as well.
  2. Position the leaf and flower flat on the top of the headband, off-center and slightly tilted forward so the face of the flower points out to the front of the headband.
  3. Using a hot glue gun, carefully glue the leaf and the flower to the headband.
  4. For extra security, use yarn to tie the flower and leaf to the headband. Tie the stem directly underneath the flower petals so the yarn doesn’t peek through.

How to Make a Flower Pot Costume

How to Make a DIY Flower Costume
  1. Turn the laundry basket upside down. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut out the bottom of the basket. The hole should be big enough for you to comfortably fit inside.
  2. Sit the basket right side up. One by one, stand up the remaining five flowers inside the basket, with the stems flat against the inside front wall. To attach each flower to the basket and to keep it from shifting, tightly tie the top, middle and bottom parts of each stem to the basket. (Tip: When you’re done wearing your costume, you can simply snip the yarn to remove and reuse the flowers!)
  3. Attach the rope to each handle of the basket to create “suspenders” that will go over your shoulders and hold up the basket around your waist. We used pet tie-out line; the hooks on each end of the rope can be easily clipped on to the basket.
  4. To transform your basket into a realistic flower pot, cover it with brown wrapping      paper. (Don’t forget to wrap the inside of the basket too!)
  5. Tie a fall-themed ribbon around the basket, just below the rim, to give the pot an extra-festive look.

And, of course, a costume isn’t complete without some accessories! Add a bit of horticultural flair to your look by carrying a watering can (or a basket of gardening tools) and wearing gardening gloves.

How would you add your own personal touch to this DIY flower Halloween costume?


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