The perfect New Year’s Eve decoration is eye-catching, conversation-starting, stunning, and simple to make. Use empty bottles you may have leftover from your holiday parties and turn them into wow-worthy décor for your NYE soiree!

Using champagne and wine bottles for the vessel is a small detail that will make this craft extra celebratory, but keep in mind that for tall vessels such as these you will need long-stem flowers. We chose white long-stem roses from 1800flowers for a chic yet classic look that will blend beautifully with the rest of our décor.

Gold is on-trend this year so we stuck with a white and gold color scheme for this idea, but black and silver would also be a beautiful color palate for this DIY idea.

Supplies for DIY Glitter Vase


Champagne bottles
Other glass bottles
White spray paint
Metallic gold spray paint
Gold glitter spray paint (optional)
Liquid adhesive
Coarse glitter
Foam brush

Directions for DIY Glitter Vase

First clean out the insides and outsides of your empty glass bottles. Once they are fully dry, use your base spray paint color and paint the entire bottle. For the champagne bottles, we chose to leave the ends exposed and paintless to enhance our looks.

Let dry for 4 hours. If necessary, apply another coat of base color and let dry. When you are satisfied with how it looks, it’s time to add some glitter! We went with two different yet unified looks for our glitter vases.


Metallic Gold Base + Gold Glitter Vase

Once your champagne bottles are covered in metallic gold paint and dried, apply a layer of liquid adhesive to about 2/3 of the bottle. Lay your glitter out in a large plate and slowly cover the bottle in coarse glitter.


White Base + Gold Glitter

Take the bottles that you painted white and cover in liquid adhesive. Dip into the gold glitter until about ¾ of the bottle is covered in glitter. Then, take a handful of coarse glitter and slowly sprinkle on the remaining ¼ top of the bottle. This will create a subtle “faded” glitter look.


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