A photo of diy father’s day card

Store-bought cards are fine, but to show Dad how much you truly care, make him a DIY card for Father’s Day. All you need are paper, glue, and markers to compete this kid-friendly craft that is sure to put a smile on Dad’s face.

Pair this creative card with a delicious homemade brunch or slip it into the amazing Father’s Day gifts you prepared for him. He’ll really appreciate this simple yet sweet statement and will love showing it off to friends and coworkers!

Supplies for DIY Father’s Day card

  • Cardstock or similar weight paper; 2 sheets in one color and 1 sheet in a second color/pattern
  • Glue or tape
  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Scissors

Directions for DIY Father’s Day card

A photo of diy father’s day card with tracing a hand
  1. Start by tracing your hand on the paper using a pencil. Use the scissors to cut out the shape. Do this for the second sheet of paper as well.
A photo of diy father’s day card with writing an I Love You message
  1. Use a marker to write “I love you” in pencil on one of the paper hands. Then, trace the text with marker and erase any stray pencil lines.
A photo of diy father’s day card with the message inside the card
  1. Now it’s time to create the inside of the card. First, cut a long strip out of the third sheet of paper. Then, fold the strip accordion style. Use a thick marker to write the words “This Much” on the accordion-folded strip.
A photo of diy father’s day card
  1. Using glue or tape, add the adhesive to each end of the accordion strip. Attach the hands to the strip, making sure both hands are facing the same way. Now your card is ready to give to Dad!

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