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Fun Flower Facts

Fun Flower Facts

Violet – February’s Flower of the Month

February 19, 2018

With Valentine’s Day in the middle of February, it’s no surprise that people usually have flowers on the brain during the second month of the year. But roses aren’t the only flower we’re fawning over in February. Send someone you love a gorgeous bouquet of violets or purple flowers this month, in honor of their birthday, an anniversary, or just because!

violet flowers in heart shape in hand

The Meaning of Violets

Unlike many other flowers, the meaning and symbolism behind violets have changed a bit over the years. In the Middle Ages, violets represented chastity, modesty, and faithfulness. Years later, in the Victorian Era, violets we’re given by men to the women they admired, with purple violets meaning, “I’ll always be true to you,” and cream-colored violets meaning, “let’s take a chance on love together.”

Today, violets symbolize many things, like young love, innocence, and joy. Continue Reading…

Fun Flower Facts

Valentine’s Day Rose Color Meanings

January 26, 2018

This Valentine’s Day, nearly 200 million roses will be sold — that’s right, 200 million! To put that in perspective, that’s enough to give every other person in the United States a single rose, and there would still be a few million flowers left over.

While there’s no denying most of us associate Valentine’s Day with red roses and romantic love, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all kinds of love. So if you’re looking to send some love to a friend or family member, you can still reach for roses, as a rose’s coloring determines the meaning behind the gesture.

Say, “I love you,” “I’m grateful for you,” or, “I think you’re unique,” with different colored roses.

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Fun Flower Facts

Top 11 Poinsettia Facts

December 5, 2017

Happy holiday season! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s pretty safe to say that everyone’s focus is on all of the fun holiday happenings that come with the end of the year – we know that’s what we’re thinking about! Between decorating, shopping and holiday parties alone, there are so many awesome things about the last few weeks of December.

But let’s go back to the decorating part for a moment – did you know that poinsettias are one of the most popular flowers associated with the Christmas season? Since you’ll probably see tons of poinsettia displays as you shop around town this month, get to know more about them by checking out these awesome poinsettia facts below.

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Fun Flower Facts

10 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Flowers

November 17, 2017

Aside from your friends and family (because we know they’re number one and two on your list!) what are you thankful for? Did flowers make the cut?

Because their colorful blooms can be found in shops, on tables, and in sprawling fields, it can be easy to take flowers for granted. But with Thanksgiving only a few weeks away, we can’t help but think about the many reasons why we’re so thankful to live in a world full of flowers.

field of tulip flowers

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Fun Flower Facts

All About Chrysanthemums (Mums)

November 3, 2017

Long after most other flowers have called it quits, chrysanthemums are perennials that persevere long throughout the fall — which is of little surprise, seeing as how these flowers have fought to survive for thousands of years. It was 15th century BC that chrysanthemums were first discovered growing in their native land of China. But back then, you wouldn’t find these plants adorning walls or sitting atop tables. Originally, they were solely used as a medicinal herb. Over the years, they gained more and more popularity as a gift-giving flower, rather than a medicine.

In the 18th century, chrysanthemums made their first voyage from China to Europe, with small towns and river communities instantly falling in love with them. It wasn’t until the late 1700s that chrysanthemums made their way into the United States after Colonel John Stevens imported a rather rare variety of “Dark Purple” chrysanthemums from Europe.

purple orange yellow chrysanthemum flowers

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Fun Flower Facts

10 Pretty Unusual (and Funny) Flower Names

October 10, 2017

Comedians aren’t the only ones who have a good sense of humor. It turns out, botanists do too! While these aren’t necessarily their scientific names, these flowers and plants are referred to by some pretty out-of-the-box labels. But don’t be too quick to judge these plants by their nicknames. Despite their laughable (and downright rude) titles, many of them are quite beautiful and interesting!

Swamp Lousewort

This herbaceous perennial wildflower is unique for many reasons other than just its name. The swamp lousewort is what’s known as a hemiparasite, meaning that in addition to collecting nutrients from the sun through photosynthesis, it also steals resources from nearby plants thanks to underground, connecting roots.

Bastard Toadflax

Careful talking about this one in public! Years ago, Native Americans would eat the seeds of a bastard toadflax (also known by the less comedic name, comandra umbellata) and use other parts of the plant to treat colds, canker sores, and eye irritation.


Despite what its name might imply, the last thing this plant resembles is corn. This magnificent plant grows nearly three feet tall and sprouts just one beautiful purple flower at its top, making it a popular decorative plant on farms.

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Fun Flower Facts

What Your Birth Flower Says About You

September 1, 2017

Whether you truly live your life based on the stars and the moon, or you just enjoy reading your horoscope from time-to-time — we all find some fun in knowing our zodiac sign. But have you ever heard of birth flowers? As you may have guessed from the name, your birth flower is the flower associated with your birth month — a “floral zodiac,” if you will.

Whether your meaning is spot-on, or completely off, there’s no denying that knowing someone’s birth flower makes for a beautiful and personal gift the next time their birthday rolls around!


Birth flower: Carnation

Carnations aren’t just the January birth flower, they’re also the official Mother’s Day flower. Because of this, women born in January are said to be very nurturing, kind, and motherly.

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Fun Flower Facts

Vanilla Comes from Where?

August 23, 2017

Whether in our ice cream, cookies, or coffee creamer, most of us enjoy the sweet, sugary taste of vanilla almost every day. But have you ever thought about where this delicious flavoring comes from? Believe it or not, vanilla actually comes from one very specific kind of orchid — yup, that tropical, free-falling flower we all love.

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Fun Flower Facts

All About August’s Flowers: Gladiolus and Poppy

August 4, 2017

Just like every month has a birthstone, it also has a flower (sometimes two) associated with it! And like birthstones, each month’s birth flower comes with its own unique significance. It seems only natural that we honor the last full month of summer with two incredibly vibrant flowers — the gladiolus and the poppy.


This August, add a personal touch to a friend’s birthday flowers or special flower arrangement by incorporating these summer flowers into their gift.


Gladioli are an incredibly popular outdoor plant. Standing at an impressive four feet tall, gladioli were commonly placed in the back of flower beds to add height and texture. But while these flowers may have lived most of their life in the background, they’re anything but ordinary. Their blooms range in height, thickness, and color, making them incredibly diverse.Red Gladiolus

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Fun Flower Facts

How to Incorporate Plants into Your Small Apartment

August 2, 2017
Cozy living room with plant

From purifying the air to making your home feel warm and inviting, there are numerous reasons why you should start incorporating greenery into your home decor. But in small apartments, plants and flowers can take up valuable counter space. That’s why we’ve got a few tips on how you can have the best of both worlds — beautiful greenery and plenty of space in your apartment.

Cozy living room with plant

7 Tips for Decorating with Plants

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