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How To Say “Beautiful” in 50 Different Languages

January 13, 2017

Beautiful… one simple word with infinite meaning all over the world.

  • We say it when we’re talking to our significant others to tell them they’re beautiful inside and out.
  • We say it when we’re taking in the beauty of our surroundings.
  • We say it when we look at flowers.
  • Sometimes, we don’t even need to speak the word, we can just look at something or someone with such heartfelt admiration that they know.

No matter what language you say beautiful in, the strength of the word is undeniable.

Make the word “beautiful” even more meaningful by learning how to say it in 50 different languages. Perfect for Valentine’s Day to tell your sweetie, or just because you love them everyday. “Beautiful” isn’t just for lovers either, saying it to your children, mom, or best friend totally works, too.

  1. Afrikaans: “pragtige”
  2. Albanian: “bukur”
  3. Arabic: “hellwa”
  4. Belarusian: “pryhožaja”
  5. Bosnian: “lijepa”
  6. Bulgarian: “krasiv”
  7. Catalan: “bonica”
  8. Chinese: “Meilì”
  9. Czech: “krásny”
  10. Danish: “smuk”
  11. Dutch: “mooi”
  12. Esperanto: “bela”
  13. Filipino: “maganda”
  14. Finnish: “kaunis”
  15. French: “belle”
  16. Georgian: “lamazi”
  17. German: “schön”
  1. Greek: “ómorfi_”
  2. Haitian: “bèl”
  3. Hebrew: “yafah”
  4. Hindi: “sundara”
  5. Hmong: “zoo nkauj”
  6. Icelandic: “falleg”
  7. Indonesian: “indah”
  8. Irish: “Go hálainn”
  9. Italian: “bello”
  10. Japanese: “Utsukushi”
  11. Javanese: “ayu”
  12. Khmer: “da srasa saat”
  13. Lao: “ngam”
  14. Latin: “pulchram”
  15. Latvian: “skaista”
  16. Macedonian: “ubava”
  17. Maltese: “beautiful”
  1. Marathi: “sundara”
  2. Nepali: “sundara”
  3. Norwegian: “vakker”
  4. Polish: “piekna”
  5. Portuguese: “bela”
  6. Punjabi: “sudara”
  7. Romanian: “frumos”
  8. Russian: “krasivaya”
  9. Slovak: “krásna”
  10. Somali: “qurux”
  11. Spanish: “hermosa”
  12. Swahili: “nzuri”
  13. Swedish: “vacker”
  14. Telugu: “andamaina”
  15. Turkish: “güzel”
  16. Welsh: “hardd”

Now that you know how to say beautiful in 50 languages, go out and spread the love; let your friends know they look “belle” today!

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