In addition to their natural beauty and innate ability to capture the eyes of onlookers, flowers are also greatly loved for the amazing scents they produce. Be honest, when you receive a bouquet, isn’t sticking your nose right in the middle to get a good whiff one of the first things you do? That’s something we’ll certainly admit to!

Girl Smelling flowers

All that said, whether you’re trying to find flowers for your garden, flowers to decorate the interior of your home with, or maybe even flowers for your upcoming wedding, we want you to choose the best smelling ones – below are the top 10 flowers that we believe give off the best scents.

  1. Chocolate Cosmos: This one is for the lovers of all things chocolate – yes, chocolate cosmos give off a scent that some describe as being similar to their favorite chocolate candies! But just because they smell like something you would eat doesn’t necessarily mean you should; they could be dangerous and harmful to our bodies! Chocolate Cosmos
  2. Gardenias: Gardenias have grown to have the reputation of being one of the most popular scents found in the flower world. In fact, their scent is enjoyed by so many that it has even inspired perfume makers in the decision making process for their next best fragrance – take Chanel’s Gardenia, for example.
  3. Hyacinths: Ask someone what hyacinths smell like and they’ll probably come back describing them as smelling like spring! Why? Their scent is extremely powerful during this time of year and have become closely associated with the season!Group of beautiful multicolored hyacinths
  4. Irises: From your typical floral smell all the way to fruity, irises are the perfect addition to any garden or floral arrangement that needs a little something extra where scent is concerned. The benefit with choosing these is that they are available in tons of colors, so it wouldn’t be too hard to match the other flowers you’re already working with!
  5. Jasmine: Stick your nose in a jasmine flower for just a second and instantly experience its relaxing effects! Although these flowers are native to regions with tropical and warm climates, if you can get your hands on them, their sweet, rich fragrance will transport you to an extremely calming place.white jasmine flowers
  6. Lavenders: If you’re a fan of lavender soaps and perfumes, then lavenders are an absolute must for your garden or any bouquet you order. It’s floral, it’s sweet, and it can even make you feel good just by getting the quickest whiff!Lavender field
  7. Lilacs: These are known to be one of the strongest scented flowers – you’ll definitely know when they’re nearby, especially if you’re sensitive to smell. Although scent will vary depending on the type of lilac you come across, you can expect a sweet aroma to be produced every time.
  8. Lilies: Oriental lilies, which are known to bloom in mid-to-late summer, can produce a scent strong enough to take over your entire garden! While you can probably find a type of lily that won’t be too overpowering if that’s what you prefer, their sweet smelling characteristic is one of the reasons they’re so loved by fans of flowers!
  9. Roses: It doesn’t matter if you’re handed a single rose or a dozen of them, their sweet smelling scent will knock you off your feet either way. But, that isn’t to say that every rose smells the same – just like they come in different colors, roses also offer different scents too! While some may take on more of your typical floral smell, others are said to smell fruity, citrusy or even musky. rose-garden
  10. Sweet Peas: Like your favorite sweet pea body wash, sweet pea flowers are also an extremely beautiful fragrant – if you find the right ones, that is. Similar to how some roses can be found with little to no scent, there are some sweet peas that are lacking in the fragrance department. However, if you plant the right kind or select the right ones for your floral arrangement (always remember to read descriptions), you’ll be breathing in their sweet scent for days.

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