Flowers are the perfect gift or offering for any occasion, but we all know that certain species are more appropriate for certain situations. For example, the rose is most commonly associated with a holiday like Valentine’s Day or an occasion such as a wedding anniversary. Why? Because it symbolizes love! But aside from the well known meanings, such as the one we just mentioned, are you familiar with what other types of flowers symbolize? If the answer is no, you came to the right place; we’re breaking down the meanings of several flower species below:

Mixed Colorful Floral Arrangement with Lilies, Sunflowers, Roses & more


Although asters may have different meanings depending on their type, three of the most common meanings associated with this species are patience, elegance and daintiness.


In general, carnations are said to symbolize both beauty and pride. However, a carnation’s meaning can also be broken down by the color that you’re referring to. Take a pink carnation for instance – these are said to represent gratitude or the love of a woman, whereas white carnations often symbolize remembrance or pure love.


The daffodil is known to have a few meanings: on one hand, it is known to symbolize chivalry. On another, it is said to symbolize new beginnings! Speaking of new beginnings, here’s a fun fact for you – daffodils are generally associated with the start of spring!

Yellow Daffodils in a Pot


Gardenias are the go-to flower for those who want to share their feelings of love with somebody without being known – they are said to symbolize a secret love. Additionally, they can be used in a non-romantic way as they are also symbolic of joy.


Like the daffodil, it is suggested that hydrangeas symbolize several feelings. A common one? Gratitude. But don’t be fooled by thinking hydrangeas always symbolize something sweet – they may also reflect narcissism or vanity depending on the situation.

Blue Hydrangea Flowers


Lilies are symbolic of purity and refined beauty. But to take their meaning one step further, we can also break things down by color (like we did with the carnation). Orange lilies, for example, symbolize passion, while white lilies may be an indicator of modesty.

Pink & White Lilies Close-up


Beautifully orange and gold in color, marigolds are known to symbolize a desire for wealth and to succeed. Furthermore, they may also be used when grieving over the loss of a loved one or when celebrating those who have passed.

Marigold Flower


Orchids symbolize love, fertility, thoughtfulness and charm. Highly regarded with respect to femininity, they also strongly suggest an element of exotic beauty.


A popular flower found in our gardens during the summer, tulips are said to symbolize a perfect love – this love can be between family members, friends or of course, partners. On a different note, tulips also represent charity and royalty.

Tulips in Assorted Colors


It makes perfect sense that zinnias symbolize endurance, considering that they are one of the species that lasts the longest during their bloom. Additionally, these can also be used simply to show that you are thinking of someone, such as a friend.

The next time you’re seeking a floral arrangement for a friend or family member, think about the situation carefully to determine which flower(s) should be included – knowing what each species symbolizes can give your gift an entirely new meaning!


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