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How to Say “Rose” in Different Languages

February 11, 2020

In his beloved play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare taught us that, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In other words — a person or thing is special because of what it is, not what it’s called. And regardless of its name, we think it’s clear that a rose is pretty unique. Just seeing one conjures up images of love, beauty, and hope. In honor of spring’s bloom, here’s how to say “rose” in 45 different languages.Single red rose

  1. Amharic: “Rozi”
  2. Arabic: “Airtafae”
  3. Bangla: “Rōja”
  4. Belarusian: “Pужа”
  5. Bosnian: “Ruža”
  6. Bulgarian: “Roza”
  7. Burmese: “Nhainnse”
  8. Chinese: “Méiguī”
  9. Croatian: “Ruža”
  10. Czech: “Růže”
  11. Dutch: “Roos”
  12. Esperanto: “Rozo”
  13. Filipino: “Rosas”
  14. Finish: “Ruusu”
  15. Greek: “Triantáfyllo”
  16. Haitian Creole: “Woz”
  17. Hausa: “Furen wardi”
  18. Hindi: “Gulaab ka phool”
  19. Hmong: “Paj daug kub lag”
  20. Hungarian: “Rózsa”
  21. Indonesian: “Mawar”
  22. Irish: “Rós”
  23. Italian: “Rosa”
  24. Japanese: “Rōzu”
  25. Kannada: “Gulābi”
  26. Korean: “Jangmi kkoch”
  27. Lithuanian: “Rožė”
  28. Macedonian: “Роуз”
  29. Nepali: “Gulāpha”
  30. Polish: “Roo-shah”
  31. Romanian: “Trandafir”
  32. Russian: “Роза”
  33. Serbian: “Pосе”
  34. Sinhala: “Rōs”
  35. Sundanese: “Mawar”
  36. Swahili: “Waridi”
  37. Swedish: “Ros”
  38. Thai: “Dxk kuh̄lāb”
  39. Turkish: “Gül”
  40. Ukrainian: “троянда”
  41. Uzbek: “Atirgul”
  42. Vietnamese: “Bông hồng”
  43. Western Frisian: “Roas”
  44. Yiddish: “Royz”
  45. Zulu: “Irozi”

Let us know which of the above is your favorite translation, or of any other flowers you know how to say in different languages!

Single white rose