In our series “Expressions of Emotion,” we show you how to tell others how much you love and care for them.

There are many ways to express an apology — saying “I’m sorry” is the most common one. We all mess up once in a while, probably more than we’d like to admit. Since mistakes can happen anywhere, it’s helpful to note that this apologetic phrase is spoken in nearly every language. Use this guide to avoid a language barrier next time you are trying to express yourself to friends, family, or foreigners abroad.

It can be hard to own up to our mistakes, but there’s always room for forgiveness. Next time you reach out with an apology, make sure to show your sincerity by including an apology bouquet to make the message heard.

Here’s how to say sorry in 50 languages and their accompanying pronunciations. Make sure to say “sorry” correctly, no matter where you are in the world.

Saying sorry with flowers
  1. Afrikaans: “Jammer
  2. Albanian: “Më vjen keq
  3. Arabic: “آسف
  4. Armenian: “ներողություն‘”
  5. Basque: “Barkatu
  6. Bosnian: “Izvini
  7. Catalan: “Ho sento
  8. Chinese: “对不起
  9. Croatian: “Oprostite
  10. Czech: “Promiňte
  11. Danish: “Undskyld
  12. Esperanto: “Pardonon
  13. Estonian: “Vabandust”
  14. Filipino: “Paumanhin
  15. Finnish: “Anteeksi
  16. French: “Pardon
  17. Galician: “Perdón
  18. German: “Es tut uns leid
  19. Greek: “συγνώμη
  20. Haitian Creole: “Regrèt
  21. Hawaiian: “E kala mai iaʻu
  22. Hebrew: “מצטער”
  23. Hindi: “माफ़ करना
  24. Hungarian: “Sajnálom
  25. Igbo: “Ndo
  1. Indonesian: “Maaf
  2. Irish: “Tá brón orm
  3. Italian: “Scusa
  4. Japanese: “ごめんなさい
  5. Kazakh: “кешіріңіз
  6. Latin: “Paenitet
  7. Latvian: “Atvainojiet
  8. Lithuanian: “Atsiprašome
  9. Luxembourgish: “Entschëllegt
  10. Malay: “Maaf
  11. Maltese: “Jiddispjacini
  12. Norwegian: “Beklager
  13. Portuguese: “Desculpa
  14. Romanian: “Scuze
  15. Russian: “Извините
  16. Samoan: “Malie
  17. Spanish: “Lo siento
  18. Sundanese: “Punten
  19. Swahili: “Samahani
  20. Swedish: “Förlåt
  21. Turkish: “Afedersiniz
  22. Ukrainian: “вибачте
  23. Vietnamese: “lấy làm tiếc
  24. Welsh: “Sori
  25. Zulu: “Ngiyaxolisa

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