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How to Say “Sorry” In 50 Different Languages

July 20, 2017

“Sorry” may be one word, but did you know that it holds many different meanings? Sorry may be an admission of wrongdoing, an empathetic appeal to someone who suffered a tragedy, or an attempt at repairing a damaged relationship — and that’s just in America. But whether you’re comforting a friend, or finally admitting to your wife that maybe, just this one time, you were at fault, everyone is comforted by a sincere apology.

Saying sorry with flowers

No matter where your travels take you, “I’m sorry” is one of those phrases that is well known everywhere, so take a minute to learn a little bit more about how to say sorry in 50 different languages.

  1. Afrikaans: “Jammer”
  2. Albanian: “Më vjen keq”
  3. Arabic: “Maedhira”
  4. Armenian: “Nerets’yek’”
  5. Basque: “Barkatu”
  6. Bosnian: “Izvini”
  7. Catalan: “Ho sento”
  8. Chinese: “Bàoqiàn”
  9. Croatian: “Oprostite”
  10. Czech: “Promiňte”
  11. Danish: “Undskyld”
  12. Esperanto: “Pardonon”
  13. Estonian: “Vabandust”
  14. Filipino: “Paumanhin”
  15. Finnish: “Anteeksi”
  16. French: “Pardon”
  17. Galician: “Sentímolo”
  18. German: “Es tut uns leid”
  19. Reek: “Sygnómi”
  20. Haitian Creole: “Padon”
  21. Hawaiian: “E kala mai iaʻu”
  22. Hindi: “Maaf keejiye”
  23. Hungarian: “Sajnálom”
  24. Igbo: “Ndo”
  25. Indonesian: “Maaf”
  26. Irish: “Tá brón orm”
  27. Italian: “Scusate”
  28. Japanese: “Gomen’nasai”
  29. Kazakh: “Keşiriñiz”
  30. Latin: “Nos paenitet”
  31. Latvian: “Atvainojiet”
  32. Lithuanian: “Atsiprašome”
  33. Luxembourgish: “Entschëllegt”
  34. Malay: “Maaf”
  35. Maltese: “Jiddispjacini”
  36. Norwegian: “Beklager”
  37. Przepraszam: “Przepraszam”
  38. Portuguese: “Desculpa”
  39. Romanian: “Scuze”
  40. Russian: “Sozhaleyu”
  41. Samoan: “Faamalie”
  42. Spanish: “Lo siento”
  43. Sundanese: “Hampura”
  44. Swahili: “Samahani”
  45. Swedish: “Förlåt”
  46. Turkish: “Afedersiniz”
  47. Ukrainian: Vybachte”
  48. Vietnamese: “Lấy làm tiếc”
  49. Welsh: “Mae’n ddrwg gennym”
  50. Zulu: “Uxolo”

What’s another way to say “I’m sorry” in any language?” With an exquisite bouquet of flowers! No matter the reason, flowers add a personal touch to any occasion.

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