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Autumn Beauty Sunflower

Autumn Beauty

Featuring all the colors of autumn, Autumn Beauty features multiple flowers per branch, with heights ranging between stems.

Big Smile Sunflower

Big Smile

Big Smile is a dwarf sunflower with an overly large head. The centers of the sunflower are extremely broad, surrounded by short yellow petals.

Bi-Color Sunflower


There are several different varieties of bi-color sunflowers. Most feature a dark red center and gradually lighten to yellow at the tip.

Chocolate Sunflower

Chocolate Sunflower

There is no one flower known as the Chocolate Sunflower, but there is a large group referring to chocolate or cocoa in their name, including Chocolate Cherry and Chocolat. Chocolate Sunflowers have a rich brown or reddish/brown color to their petals.

Fire Cracker Sunflower


Named for the way the colors seem to explode from its center, the Firecracker is a bi-color sunflower with petals that shade from red to yellow as they move out toward the tip.

Giganteus Sunflower


Giganteus, or the Giant Sunflower, is one of the largest known varieties. It features a small center surrounded by very long, bright yellow petals.

Green Sunflower

Green Sunflower

A Green Sunflower has a bright green center, usually surrounded by yellow petals, like the Sunbeams variety, although a few like Jade also have very pale, yellow/green petals as well.

Green Sunbeam Sunflower

Green Sunbeam

Known for its large, lime-green center, the Green Sunbeam sunflower is surrounded by short yellow petals.

Gold Sun Sunflower

Gold Sunflower

There are several varieties of Gold Sunflowers as well, including Gold Rush. These sunflowers have vivid, yellow/orange petals and centers, and may even be found in pollen-free types.

Golden Cheer Sunflower

Golden Cheer

Golden Cheer features double petals of thin, bright yellow to create a flower head that appears fluffy and bushy in appearance.

Kong Sunflower


One of the tallest varieties, Kong is a bright yellow sunflower that can have a head up to 40 inches in diameter.

Little Becka Sunflower

Little Becka

A dwarf sunflower with bi-color petals, Little Becka is a bright red, pollen-less sunflower with yellow tips and a rich, dark center.

Mahogany Sunflower


A member of the orange sunflower group, Mahogany ranges from bi-color petals of dark mahogany brown with yellow tips to a solid, orange brown bloom with a dark center.

Moulin Rouge Sunflower

Moulin Rouge

A member of the “red sunflower” family, Moulin Rouge is a bright red flower with a black center, reaching approximately 4 inches in diameter.

Mammoth Russian Sunflower

Mammoth Russian

The Mammoth Russian sunflower can grow to a height of more than 9 feet tall. Topped with large, bright yellow blooms, these sunflowers have a very classic look that most people associate with the flower.

Orange Hobbit Sunflower

Orange Hobbit

Orange Hobbit is a dwarf sunflower with a vivid, yellow/orange head. It’s common to find multiple blooms on each plant.

Orange Sunbeam Sunflower

Orange Sunbeam

The Orange Sunbeam resembles the classic Sunbeam in size and shape, but has a more yellow/orange color in the center, with darker colored petals.

Orange Sunflower

Orange Sunflower

In addition to red and yellow, there are also several varieties of sunflower with a vivid orange hue, including those that are bi-color or that contain both yellow and orange on one petal.

Peach Passion Sunflower

Peach Passion

Peach Passion is a pale, pastel-colored sunflower with a double layer of petals surrounding a pale yellow center.

Red Sun Splash Sunflower

Red Sun Splash

Red Sun Splash is a bold, red variety of various-sized petals surrounding a small, dark red interior.

Red Sunflower Sunflower

Red Sunflower

Sunflowers don’t just come in yellow; there are several varieties of red sunflowers as well, most with a vivid red color and the ability to grow several heads per stalk.

Red Sunbeam Sunflower

Red Sunbeam

Red Sunbeam is similar to the classic yellow in size and shape, but features bold red petals streaked with yellow as well as a deep red center.

Ring of Fire Sunflower

Ring of Fire

A bi-color sunflower with a very broad, dark brown center, Ring of Fire features short red and yellow petals that form “rings” around the middle.

Soraya Sunflower


Soraya is a very strong, classic-looking sunflower with wide, bright yellow petals surrounding a dark brown center. This plant may feature multiple blooms on each stalk.

Standard Sunflower

Standard Sunflower

The standard or common sunflower is easily recognized by most people for its large floral head consisting of hundreds of small, tubular flowers clustered tightly together.

Sunbeam Sunflower


Sunbeam sunflowers have a large, roughly 6-inch diameter, flower head with a pale green center surrounded by short, bright yellow petals.

Sundance Kid Sunflower

Sundance Kid

Sundance Kid is an unusual-looking sunflower with a bronze-colored petal and an uneven light brown center.

Sun Splash Sunflower

Sun Splash

Available with black or green centers, Sun Splash is a mix of variously sized petals clustered around a very small interior.

Sunny Smile Sunflower

Sunny Smile

Sunny Smile is a petite plant that grows just 15 inches in height. The blooms are bright yellow with a brown center, measuring up to 5 inches in diameter.

Sungold Sunflower


Sungold is a unique-looking sunflower with a bushy head made up of hundreds of tiny petals crowding around a small center.

Teddy Bear Sunflower

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear sunflowers get their name from their fuzzy, almost pom-pom like appearance. Much shorter than other sunflowers, Teddy Bears grow to about 2 feet in height and can have multiple blooms.

The Joker Sunflower

The Joker

The Joker is a double-petaled, bi-color sunflower with a dark red center and yellow petal tips. It features multiple blooms as well.

Velvet Queen Sunflower

Velvet Queen

Velvet Queen features long, sparse petals of a dark reddish brown surrounding a dark brown center.

Zohar Sunflower


Zohar is a classic-looking sunflower that grows to about 4 feet tall. It has bi-color petals of orange and yellow surrounding a deep brown center.


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