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Irish Flowers You Should Know

March 11, 2016

Out of all of the plants and flowers you can name, there’s one or two that we bet stand out when you think about Ireland and being Irish – the clover (particularly the four-leaf clover), and the shamrock. After all, the majority of green beauties such as the rare four-leaf clover can be found in Ireland, so it’s only fitting that you associate them with the country! But aside from the flowers and plants that make their way into almost every conversation over these next few weeks considering that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, you should know that there are tons of others that thrive on Irish soil.

Irish Flowers

1. Bog-rosemary

Bog-rosemaries are wildflowers native to Ireland, and are usually found in the centre of the country. They are extremely small in size, and considering their height, it isn’t unusual to miss them – especially since they grow in areas surrounded by mosses. Characteristically, Bog-rosemary flowers bloom in early May, and by June, they have usually settled into a nice pale pink color.

White Easter lily flower

2. Easter Lilies

Scientifically known as lilium longiflorum, the Easter Lily is actually native of Japan. However, considering that Ireland was at one point completely covered by ice during the Ice Age, it makes sense that some of their most beautiful blooms originated in other countries. For the Irish, the Easter Lily is symbolic of peace and is typically worn by Irish republicans during the Easter season in remembrance of those who fought and died for their country.

Sheeps Bit Flowers in Ireland

3. Sheeps Bit

Found growing on and around the Cliffs of Moher, one of Ireland’s most visited attractions, are Sheeps Bit – flowers that bloom between June and August. You can easily tell that you’ve spotted them when you find the round flowers that are a mix of blue and purple in color.

blue scilla siberian squill irish flower

4. Spring Squill

Spring Squill, known as “sciolla earraigh” to the Irish, is a part of the Asparagaceae family. These are rather small perennial flowers that thrive best in dry, short and coastal grounds. Native to Ireland, Spring Squill are most commonly found growing in groups (often in the Spring) and posses a beautiful pale blue color.

5. Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry trees are some of the most beautiful found in Ireland, and there are two different species of the native Wild Cherry that you can come across. The first, prunus avium, can be found in hedgerows and woodlands all throughout Ireland. The second, prunus padus, is relatively rare and is usually found in the Midlands and the West in what are considered limestone areas. And though they may be different in the way they look, the flowers they produce are beautiful whether they are on the tree’s branches or on the ground.

Considering that Ireland is known for being rather green, we’re not surprised that some of the world’s most gorgeous flowers and plants call it home. And now that you know some our favorite Irish flowers, you tell us – which are yours?

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