Your Guide To Different Types of Tulips


(Hollandia Tulips)

By far the most common and well recognized of all tulips. These classic beauties have the vibrant colors and bell shape that most people associate with the word “tulip.”


Named for the tropical bird that they resemble, these tulips have curly, twisted petals that call to mind a parrot’s bold plumes.


Well known for their rich, orange and marigold hues, as well as their sweet scent. These tulips feature delicate petals that come to a point, which arches away from their centers as if in dance.


Known as a “double” tulip or a “peony” tulip, these rose-colored blooms have a wider head, along with a rich abundance of petals moving out from the center.


A Single Late blooming tulip that features white petals, which turn pink at their tips. Each petal is streaked with green, and arches gracefully backward, rather than cupping inward.

Flaming Kiss

Features mottled, striped petals in vibrant shades of red and pink on white. This tulip is well known for holding onto its petals longer than other varieties.

Lady Montgomery

A “double” tulip, featuring twice the normal number of petals. Each white petal is edged in rosy hues ranging from pink to red, with some mottling in the center.


Also known as Tulipa Fosteriana, Pirand tulips have a uniquely shaped petal. Red with white tips, these tulips show yellow in their centers as well.

Monte Flame

A “double early” tulip with delicately ruffled petals, this tulip more closely resembles a peony in shape. Bold red with yellow streaks, it’s easy to see how this tulip gets its name.

Line Dancer

This double late tulip features twice the number of petals, which fan outward away from each other. Delicate red drops and streaks mark the white finish of each one.

Lasting Love

Sometimes showing two flowers to a single stem, this tulip features dark red petals with deeper streaks and pointed tops.


These double early tulips more closely resemble water lilies in shape. Their abundant, open petals are golden yellow and streaked with red.

Red Riding Hood

This bold red tulip features both oversized red blooms, and variegated leaves to add extra color to the arrangement.

Blushing Beauty

This single late tulip seems to glow in the light, with a rosy red petal at the bottom lightening up to cream near the tip.


This two-toned tulip features rich purple/red and yellow petals, which spread out gently away from one another as it matures.

Tulip Green Star

This tulip hybrid blooms a vivid chartreuse before lightening to a white-streaked green as it matures. The petals arch backward to give the star appearance the tulip was named for.


One of the largest and boldest hybrid tulips around. These 26-inch tulips feature bold, solid shades of pink and yellow.

Spring Green

This exceptionally long-blooming flower features petals in varying shades of white and green. Each petal is lightly feathered at the top for delicate texture and depth.

Fancy Frills

Also known as a Dallas Fringed, this fringed tulip has petals that separate into delicate ruffles and separate pieces on the upper edge, as well as a vivid pink hue.

Ice Cream

This unusual tulip resembles an ice cream cone once mature. The double blooms are large and white on the interior, rising above the outer, purple petals.

Carnival de Nice

Double tulips that are striped bold red and white, these abundant blooms have a classic cup shape and last for an exceptionally long time.


Often mistaken for peonies, these late tulips have an abundance of petals, each one in a creamy apricot color, some with a subtle green streak.

Praestans Fusilier

One of the oldest known types of tulips, each plant can have up to five heads on one stem, giving them the largest appearance of any known tulip.


A red version of the Monte Carlo, this double early tulip is tomato red with only occasional yellow streaking on the petals.

Monte Carlo

A double early tulip, with an abundance of petals that resembles a peony and smells amazing. These tulips are usually sulfur yellow, but may have some orange or red streaking up their petals.


Frilly and double petaled, this tulip variety is also sweetly scented. Ranging color from creamy and pink to bold red in hue.

Purple Dream

This lily-flowering tulip begins very dark purple at the base and gradually lightens toward the tip of each gracefully arching petal.

Up Star

These double, peony tulips have a light-colored base which deepens color to a glowing purple rose at the top of each petal.

Abu Hassan

This sturdy tulip has a very thick stem, along with a mahogany colored flower streaked with yellow along the top of the petals.


These exotic tulips are exceptionally long bloomers as well as gorgeous. The petals form in several different directions, each one light pink and streaked with green in the center.

Sensual Touch

A fringed double tulip, this unique and exotic bloom features a pale orange/yellow color and delicate fringing along the many petals.


Sometimes known as the “lady tulip”, these Asian tulips have a unique shape of long, thin petals, which fall away from one another when open.


A fringed tulip, this hybrid features a bold red petal that is topped with an equally bold, golden fringe that extends along the edge of each one.

Giant Orange Sunset

One of the largest tulips around, these giant blooms are red to orange in color, but in shape more closely
resemble the classic tulip.

Magic Price

Featuring twice the ordinary number of petals, this oversized tulip also has a light fringe on the outside of its bold red blossoms.


A miniature tulip, Tarda occasionally has up to five flowers on a single stem. This light-colored bloom opens up to feature a deeper yellow color inside.

Queen of the Night

This single late tulip appears nearly black in certain lights, but is actually a very dark purple in color.


Double tulips with the popular peony shape. These tulips are a glowing, deep, ruby red in color.

The Edge

A double tulip with white blooms that are streaked with green, this plant also features variegated leaves that are edged with white.

Pulchella Violacea

A dwarf tulip native to Iran and Turkey, this purple bloom opens up widely once it is mature.

Red Emperor

These bright red tulips open up wide once mature to show off black and yellow markings on the interior of each petal.

Scarlet Pimpernel

A very tall, single late tulip. This French bloom is bold red, streaked with purple at the base.

White Triumphator

This lily-flowering tulip has pure white flowers that bloom in a bowl shape. They last exceptionally long once cut.

Mount Tacoma

This double tulip has a classic and popular peony shape, as well as a buttercup yellow base. The petals themselves range from ivory to true white in color.

Black Hero

A double version of the famous Queen of the Night tulip, this dark purple bloom appears black in certain lights.

Peach Blossom

These double early blossoms are not only beautiful, but exceptionally fragrant as well. The pink-hued petals fall back when mature to show a golden color inside.

Willem van Oranje

A double early tulip that has a classic, popular peony shape, but with feathered edges to the petals as well. This bloom has a coppery orange color streaked with yellow.


This wild tulip is exceptionally sturdy and fragrant. A deep buttercup yellow, the petals are lightly feathered or fringed on the edges.


This light-colored tulip actually changes color as it matures. From white to deep purple, it appears to glow as the color moves up the petals.

Arabian Mystery

This single late tulip is exceptionally sturdy. Featuring a deep purple color on the petals, its edges are a contrasting white.


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