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Fall Plant Care and Handling of Indoor Plants

November 1, 2013

How to Care for Fall Plants With daylight lessening as we get into the fall and winter seasons, it’s important to keep our plants in mind when the colder and darker weather approaches.  Since plants are nature’s way of purifying and improving our indoor air quality, it’s important to keep them as healthy as possible and in turn, keep you as healthy as possible!  By now, most of us depending on one’s climate, have moved our outside house plants inside, but in this article I’m going to provide tips to help keep your green friends alive throughout the autumn and winter seasons.

How to Water Plants in the Fall

With limited sunlight indoors, you want to make sure that you are watering your plants thoroughly once a week to ensure they are properly hydrated. If the plant container has drainage and a saucer, you should see a little bit of water in the saucer after watering. The water in the saucer indicates that the plant was thoroughly and properly watered.

If your plants were not fed in the spring, a half-feeding of water soluble plant food can be fed to your plants.  Fall plant feedings should be done as early as possible, since most green plants go dormant in the winter.

Light and Where to Place Fall Plants

Placement of your plants regarding lighting, should strike a balance.  East and west locations are ideal for most plants.  Keep plants a foot or two from the brightest window, so that the sun coming through the glass does not burn them; remember, most green plants are tropical.

If your plants need re-potting, please see one of my other blog posts on How to Repot a Plant.

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