There’s no better feeling than being surprised by a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, the blooms of celebratory flowers and just-because bouquets don’t last forever. Once the flowers are past their prime, all that’s left is a memory and a vase. If you’re an avid flower recipient, you may have quite the collection of vases to show for it. But the life of a vase doesn’t have to end when the flowers are gone. You can repurpose of vase and make it your next coin jar, kitchen utensils holder, or bookend. Think of the vase as decorative and functional storage, and you’ll find good use for it.

Some vases, like many found at, are designed with an afterlife in mind, says Valerie Ghitelman, Vice President of Product Development. “Most of our floral vases are created exclusively by us and cannot be found anywhere other than,” she says.

“A vase with repurpose value makes the gift special and so much more meaningful to the recipient,” she says. “These types of containers have added value and versatility. They’re ‘keepers’ not only because they have another use, but because it is a fond memory and a reminder of the special person who sent them this exceptional gift.”

How can you repurpose a vase?

Rather than storing your vases in a closet or throwing them away, you can give them a new and practical life in your home.

An empty vase for serving drinks

A flower vase with a handle makes it easy to carry a bouquet and show it off to family and friends. Once the flowers are gone, these vases can easily serve a new purpose as pitchers for water, lemonade, tea and other drinks.

The Timeless Treasure Pitcher, for example, elegantly suggests Southern charm with a Swiss-dot pattern that wraps around the soft curves of the container. Designed in partnership with Southern Living magazine, it perfectly complements the original bouquet and its afterlife as a drink pitcher. The food-safe container also includes a simple recipe for Southern Sweet Tea.

“This is one of my favorite after-use vases because the design and the recipe blends so well together and it feels like a gift that keeps on giving,” Ghitelman says.

Repurposed vases for potpourri

Wilting flowers mark the beginning of their next journey as preserved petals and potpourri. Start by choosing flowers that will hold their color once dried. Good candidates include lavender, peonies, and roses. Steep the petals in an essential oil inside the vase for a long-lasting, natural scent for your home. The gray-washed wooden cube of our Coastal Breeze bouquet is the perfect place to store your potpourri. Its gray-washed wooden cube features soft, natural tones and textures, for a seamless addition to your coffee table or bookshelf.

Flower memories kept alive as a birthday keepsake

There’s nothing like receiving a beautiful bouquet on your birthday. Once the birthday festivities end and your flowers wilt, turn your leftover vase into a keepsake of all the mementos you received from loved ones. The vase included in the Happy Birthday Present Bouquet is a great place to keep handwritten cards or printed photographs. It’s the shape of a present complete with rainbow polka dots and a bright bow. The ceramic vase will bring you back to your birthday every time you open it. “Each handcrafted piece of art celebrates the special people and the most meaningful moments in our lives,” tells Ghitelman.

A glass vase reused as a candle holder

Empty vases as candle holders

Give your candles some glamor with any cylinder-shaped vase. Add an LED candle to the Yellow & White Delight Bouquet for a accentuated look for your home. This is a design hack for adding a hint of luxe to your home. “A lovely home décor accent that provides a lifetime of elegance and charm,” says Ghitelman.

A special vase creates an extraordinary nightlight

Colorful glass make up many vases, like the Majestic Mosaic Hydrangea’s vase, which can be used as purely decorative or as a nightlight. “This distinctive vase can be used as an elegant tea light holder, where the light radiates from the inside creating a magnificent display of color,” explains Ghitelman. The colorful tiles will illuminate when you put in a LED candle and turn it on in the evening.

Reuse a vase to save your spare change

Prevent loose change from ending up in the crevices of the sofa and in random corners of the house by allocating a vase as the designated coin jar. Take your coin jar to the next level by labelling it with a long-term savings goal such as a travel destination or big purchase. This activity works especially well with graduation flowers since the recent grad will need a place to start stocking up on savings. Any large vase from the collection, such as this congratulatory rose plant, will provide plenty of space for a savings stash.

‘Tis the Season for Décor

Sending and receiving flowers for the holidays is a wonderful way to spread the spirit. Just like the flowers, many of our vases reflect the holidays. “This luxurious holiday gift can hold wrapped candies or precious ornaments and can be a treasured décor piece for many years to come,” says Ghitelman.

Empty vases to support your own personal spa

Upgrade your self-care routine by filling up a vase with your favorite bath salts. A clear fishbowl vase, like the one that comes with the Smiling Surprise Bouquet, will function best in a bath setting for easy access.

This way, you’ll spruce up your tub décor and have bath salts at your disposal next time you wind down. Check out this lavender bath set, replete with bathing essentials, for the ultimate spa experience.

Repurposed vases can add glamor to your bookshelf

The vases that aren’t so easy to take items in and out of make for great bookends — especially if you love the designs. The Blush Posy Bouquet, for example, features an exclusive peach quartz mason jar with a unique honeycomb design. It makes for a decorative piece to style your shelves. Fill up your vase with marbles, seashells, or sand to give it some additional weight against the books.

Put fruit on display in a repurposed vase

Another use for the fishbowl vase is a container for your fresh fruit. Put in your apples, bananas, and pears to grab and go. More air circulation will maintain fruit freshness. This repurpose is aesthetically pleasing and practical for your kitchen.

Can’t find a new use for a favorite vase? You can always refill it with a fresh set of blooms. Buying flowers for yourself is a great form of self-care and an empty vase is the perfect excuse to do so. In fact, treat yourself every month to fresh flowers through our subscription program.

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