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Whether they’re older and always looking out for you or younger and always looking up to you, one thing is certain — you treasure your brother and the relationship you have with him.

Finding the perfect way to show how much you care about your brother and value his companionship is important. And because of how tight the two of you are, selecting the right birthday gift for him shouldn’t be that hard. (And it’s even easier when you sign up for the Celebrations Passport!)

Just in case you need a little creative inspiration, we have put together this guide to the best birthday gifts for brothers. Use it to kickstart your quest to find him something that he will treasure for years to come. (Not the steak and lobster tails, though. He should eat those soon.)

birthday gifts for brother: Cask Barrel Aging Gift Set

The Mixologist

If your brother has a taste for the finer things in life and a do-it-yourself mentality, treat him to a perfect pairing of cocktail crafting gifts. The first, a cask barrel aging set, brings the traditional art of aging alcohol to his home. With genuine American white oak charred to exact specifications, this kit infuses booze of all kinds with notes of oak and smoke.

Complete the gift with a cocktail smoking and infusion kit that includes everything you need to give your homemade cocktails the unique, upscale twist of hickory smoke.

birthday gifts for brother: Surf and Turf

The Gourmand

A birthday happens only once a year, making it the ideal occasion to treat yourself to an indulgent meal — and, to us, nothing is more indulgent than the classic combination of seafood and steak.

Give your brother the pinnacle of fine dining on his birthday with the premium pairing of succulent lobster tail and tender filet mignon. And no birthday feast is complete without a bottle of wine to wash it all down with.

birthday gifts for brother: money tree

The Reluctant Decorator

Whether your brother’s office lacks décor, his home needs a little greenery, or he could just use a little good fortune, the gift of a money tree is a fantastic option. These hardy plants not only have a reputation for bringing luck, but they also add a natural visual intrigue to any space. Thanks to these plants’ long lifespans, your brother can enjoy this gift for years to come, too (though that doesn’t get you off the hook from having to buy him a present for future birthdays).

birthday gifts for brother: dopp kit

The Primper

Your brother is a good-looking fellow — or so we’ve heard — and he probably wants to stay that way. A dopp kit packed with self-care products to keep him looking fresh even when he’s on the go is one way to ensure his birthday gift keeps on giving. From essentials like cologne to luxury items like cooling wipes and eye cream, this thoughtful gift will let your brother know how much you appreciate him.

birthday gifts for brother: birthday cookies

The ‘Sweet’ Brother

No birthday is complete without some tasty baked goods. Birthday cakes are a classic dessert , but variety is the spice of life, right? The “Cheers to You” collection of sweets is a party in a box overflowing with delicious birthday goodies. Along with the fudge cake, he’ll get three kinds of buttercream frosted cookies, as well as butter toffee peanuts and two creative pretzel confections to provide a sweet and salty balance. All these extra treats provide the proverbial icing on the birthday cake (see what we did there?).

birthday gifts for brother: personalized grilling apron

The Grill Master

Few things speak to a man’s heart like the sizzle of meat on a grill. If your brother appreciates the art of grilling, why not facilitate his predilection with a themed birthday gift. Whether you opt for a customized grilling aproncutting board, or barbecuing utensil set — or all three! — he’s sure to use his new, personalized tools with pride. Complete the package by sending him a little something to throw on the grill. Who knows, maybe he’ll share!

birthday gifts for brother: Canvas Weekender Bag

The Weekend Getaway-er

For the brother who can’t get enough of getting away, opt for a gift that appeals to his traveling heart (without having to splurge on plane tickets to Italy). A stylish and sturdy weekender bag speaks to his spirit of adventure and will encourage him to pack up and hit the road (or air…or sea).

birthday gifts for brother: shoeshine kit

The Footwear Fanatic

It’s not just women who can be shoe obsessed. Men, too, can have a serious preoccupation with what they wear on their feet. If that describes your brother, then this shoe polishing gift set is just the present for him. It’ll keep his oxfords, loafers, or wing tips looking like they did when he first took them out of the box.

birthday gifts for brother: gourmet snack box

The Insatiable Snacker

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and your brother is no different. Gift that guy as many goodies as he can handle with the Deluxe David Gift Tower or Premium Gourmet Snack Box. Both are filled with an incredible variety of salty and sweet treats that he (and his stomach) will surely thank you for.

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