One thing that makes your wedding day so special is the fact that friends and loved ones have traveled — whether from across the country or just across town — to share in your joy. It’s no wonder, then, that the small remembrance, the wedding favor, is such a popular way of giving your guests a token of your thanks, allowing them to take something home to commemorate the special day.

If you are having a fall wedding, now is the perfect time to select and order your wedding favors. “Whether you’re planning a sustainable or eco-friendly wedding or you just want to be environmentally conscious, choosing an option that’s easy on the earth is one way of making your autumn wedding memorable,” explains Sandra Di Domizio, a certified Green Wedding Professional who runs Green Fox Events & Guest Services in California.

With that in mind, here are seven eco-friendly fall wedding favor ideas that will send your friends and loved ones home happy.

fall wedding favors with succulents trio

Small succulents

Nothing says “green” like something that’s literally green! Succulents are among the most sustainable and easy-to-care-for plants in the world. They require very little water or attention, are non-toxic to cats, and do well indoors — making them the perfect addition to any desk, shelf, or windowsill.

A trio of mini-succulents is a low-maintenance gift, and they come potted in trendy ceramic containers that provide a sense of sustainable style that matches any décor. Choose from several different themes, including safari animals and inspirational messages. There’s even a trio that comes in magnetic planters!

fall wedding favors with seed planting set

Seed balls

Allow your friends and loved ones to seed your love throughout their gardens with seed balls, which you can make yourself or buy online. These seed balls are made from recycled materials and seeds specifically meant to attract pollinators, including insects and birds. Once your guests return home, all they have to do is place the balls on top of soil, either in a container or garden, and water them. After a few weeks, they’ll have fresh flowers, green thumb or not.

fall wedding favors with hand creams and face mask set

All-natural hand creams

While you’re being pampered on your honeymoon, let your guests enjoy their own at-home spa-like experience. The Lovery Hand Cream & Mask Set is a set of scented creams and hand masks that will keep your guests’ hands soft all winter.

These all-natural creams are gently crafted with healthy botanicals from one of 10 natural sources, including oatmeal milk, eucalyptus, green tea, avocado, jojoba, and carrot. Better yet, they’re free of parabens and harsh chemicals, and are not tested on animals. With 10 tubes and five masks in each package, you can easily divide them up and put one of each (or more!) in a small gift bag.

Beeswax candles

Bees are one of the most environmentally important insects, and their populations are threatened across the United States. In addition to moving pollen between plants, allowing them to flower and reproduce, bees also produce honey for us to eat and bee pollen, a nutrient-rich superfood that has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties.

“Bees are a symbol of sweetness, wisdom, and prosperity in many cultures, so a beeswax candle is a wedding favor that’s not only sustainable but also meaningful,” Di Domizio notes. This particular candle is shaped like an old-fashioned beehive (a.k.a. a “bee skep”) and is unscented, so it will please even those guests who are scent or allergen sensitive.

Fall-themed cookies

“Food gifts make terrific eco-friendly wedding favors because there’s no waste,” Di Domizio explains. “Frosted cookies travel well, and nothing tells guests how much the couple appreciated their presence like a sweet treat.”

An autumn-themed cookie card is perfect for the season. It is a delicious and charming remembrance that is sure to make guests smile.

Popcorn treats

Caramel is one of those classic fall flavors that is always a crowd pleaser. Another hassle-free (and sweet!) thank-you option is a popcorn card, which comes in a variety of designs and contains delicious caramel popcorn. You can personalize the greeting on the front of the card to tie into your wedding theme, or to express love and gratitude in a way that best reflects your personalities.

Homemade jam

Raspberries are in season from June to October, and if you live near a pick-your-own (or a farmer’s market in a pinch), you can easily procure enough berries to make your own homemade jam favors. These require only three ingredients: raspberries, sugar, and lemon juice. You can find small jelly jars in most craft stores or online for less than $1 each. Add a custom label to finish the look (e.g., “Thank you berry much for celebrating with us!”).

No matter which favor you choose for your fall wedding, a sustainable or eco-friendly option shows your friends and loved ones that they mean as much to you as the planet does.


Kate L. Harrison wrote a bestselling book and built and sold the leading green wedding marketplace in the country, Green Bride Guide. She has a master's in environmental management from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a J.D. in environmental law from Pace University. Today, she runs a marketing firm working with nonprofits and healthy lifestyle brands.

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