The thing about Father’s Day is that we tend to pick out the same kinds of gifts for Dad year after year. So, instead of getting him another sand wedge or that limited edition rock concert T-shirt, try something that will tickle his taste buds. Whether he’s all about snackssteaks, or sweets, there’s a gourmet goodie to make his day a memorable — and delicious — one.

Here are 10 of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas that will show him, and his stomach, how much you care.

fathers day gift ideas with Fathers Day Surf and Turf

Father’s Day Surf and Turf

Does your father enjoy eating the best from both land and sea? Then look no further than this surf and turf dinner, which includes a pair each of two favorites: filet mignon and lobster tail. They’re easy to prepare, making this a meal Dad will remember for years to come.

fathers day gift ideas with Charcuterie Favorites Collection

Charcuterie Favorites Collection

Fulfill Dad’s charcuterie dreams with a delicious array of meats, cheeses, and spreads. The Charcuterie Favorites Collection will have him saying “Holy cow!” when he opens the box, with four types of salami, garlic jalapeño-stuffed olives, and sweet and sour cornichons. Pair these delectable snacks with spreads, such as hot honey mustard, and Seville orange and fennel marmalade on top of olive oil and sel gris flatbread crackers.

fathers day gift ideas with Summer Grilling Gift Box

Summer Grilling Gift Box

Is your dad a certified grill master, or does he have dreams of being one? This Father’s Day grilling gift box features four grilling sauces, including a wing sauce and bacon chipotle BBQ sauce, and a peppercorn spice rub that will have him itching to fire up the grill. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, he can try his hand at indoor grilling and whip up something delicious for the family.

fathers day gift ideas with Dads Savory Snack Box with Wine

Father’s Day Wine Box

We know the word “savory” is in the name here, but not every item in this hefty haul fits that description. In addition to all the savory delights he’ll get, including summer sausage, honey hot mustard, and mixed nuts, there is also the caramel-flavored Moose Munch® Premium Popcorn and sweet and spicy snack mix. Let him wash it all down with a bottle of Harry & David 2019 Royal Crest Red blend, and he’ll be the happiest dad on the block this Father’s Day.

fathers day gift ideas with Fathers Day Pears and Cherries Fruit Gift

Father’s Day Pears and Cherries

There are some amazing food combinations out there — peanut butter and jelly; bagel, lox, and cream cheesecaramel and sea salt — and now fruit is getting in on the sweet action with this pears and cherries gift. The perfect combination of buttery Royal Verano pears and juicy, plump, sweet cherries is great for casual snacking or makes a bright addition to any cheese board or appetizer spread. Pro tip: Grab his favorite chunk of blue cheese or sharp cheddar and pair it with a few slices of pear for a triple threat of sweet, savory, and salty.

fathers day gift ideas with Seven Days of Dad Jokes

Seven Days of Dad Jokes

Count down to Father’s Day with a few corny gut busters. Seven Days of Dad Jokes is an advent-style gift that comes packed with Moose Munch popcorn, hickory-smoked summer sausage, and trail mix. Each treat is hidden in its own compartment and labeled with a cheesy pun, one-liner, or riddle. Looking for more dad jokes? Click here.

fathers day gift ideas with Happy Fathers Day Party in a Box

Happy Father’s Day Party in a Box

Get the party started with this delightful gift. The Happy Father’s Day Party in a Box comes with seven different flavors of cookies, mouthwatering fudge brownies, and confection pretzel clusters. Whether you’re throwing Dad a special Father’s Day dinner party or spending a quiet night in with his favorite board game, this party in a box has dessert covered.

fathers day gift ideas with Dads Favorite Things Gallon Popcorn Tins

Dad’s Favorite Things Popcorn Tins

Sweeten up movie night with Dad with an extra special gift. The Dad’s Favorite Things Popcorn Tin comes with four flavors of popcorn: cheese, butter, caramel, and white cheddar. No matter what film you’re watching at home (remember to let him pick!), he’ll be a happy camper. Caveat: We are not responsible if you get caught sneaking this into a theater.

fathers day gift ideas with Gourmet Dipped Fancy Strawberries

Gourmet Dipped Strawberries

Treat your father like royalty this Father’s Day with gourmet strawberries. These fancy-looking berries are dipped in milk and white chocolaty confection, and then decorated with milk chocolate drizzle, ground toffee, or mini chocolate chips. Regal treats for the king of the house!

fathers day gift ideas with Belgian Chocolate Artisan Caramels

Belgian Chocolate Artisan Caramels

Show Pops he’s the sweetest with artisan caramels. An elegant box contains both Belgian milk and dark chocolates filled with decadent caramel sauce. Each chocolate is hand painted with unique designs and will wow Dad each time he opens the box — which, if he finds these caramels as irresistible as we think he will, won’t be very often.

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