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Burlap Bunny Wreath

March 19, 2015


Burlap continues to be a very popular material for home décor and crafting. It’s inexpensive, easy to find, and there seems to be an endless number of ways to use it. Case in point – this Easter themed wreath was inexpensive and easy to make. And with a few simple changes this one wreath base can be updated throughout the year to celebrate the season, a holiday, or any special occasion.

How to:

  • Start with a natural twig wreath base.
  • Using either burlap ribbon or fabric cut strips about 8” long. For a wreath with a center opening of 8-10” you will need about 20 strips.
  • Crimp the middle of each burlap strip and using a thin gauge wire cut into 8” pieces fold one piece over the crimped area and twist tightly.
  • Use the wire to attach each burlap strip to the twig base.


Even left as is this makes a nice wreath for your front door but this is also a great base to add a very inexpensive grapevine bunny hanger to transform your wreath into a perfect wreath to welcome spring and the Easter bunny. I took off the bow and added some fresh flowers that will air dry nicely (statice, solidaster, and heather) and some pink and white felt to pump up his ears.


Next I used sticks and a few small glue dots to add a few festive colorful eggs. As you can see in the first image, I used a free Easter printable that I found on the web and sized it to fit into the bottom half of the bunny for my finishing touch! But I think it looks great with or without!bunny-burlap-wreath-2

I didn’t use too much glue to attach any of the elements because I am going to be taking the bunny and eggs off of the wreath after Easter. A simple ribbon and monogram would be perfect decoration that I could keep up all year. You can get the monogram version at 1800Flowers.com.


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