Besides the Sugar Skull, the marigold is probably the other element that is most associated with the Dia de los Muertos celebration.  The marigold, and flowers in general, represent the fragility of life.  It is believed that the spirits of our departed loved ones come to visit during the celebration and marigolds are used to help guide the spirits with their vibrant color.

orange marigolds

Day of the Dead flowers and décor is all about the vibrant color, so just have fun with it when setting your table.  Little touches can add up to make a big statement:

marigolds in day of the dead centerpiece

To complete these Dia de los Muertos bouquets I added a few cut succulents, some Mexican Sage and fresh cut stems of rosemary. Rosemary is an herb that has long been associated with death and specifically remembrance.

marigolds in day of the dead skull tag centerpiece

One more easy tip to add pizazz: tie multiple strands of colorful ribbon around the neck of the mason jar!

day of the dead marigolds in centerpiece sugar skull tag

Finish off with a Sugar Skull hangtag!  There are many sites that offer free sugar skull printables that with a little imagination can be used in endless different ways.  I downloaded these from Bespoke Bride, cut each one out individually and glued it to a craft paper hangtag.

I totally love the whole look of this simple yet fun and festive tablescape.  What a beautiful setting to honor and celebrate a loved one.


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