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Flower Jewelry: How to Make a Fresh Flower Necklace

August 23, 2016


The simple elegance of this beautiful floral statement makes it so right for so many different occasions. Whether paired with a headpiece such as a crown or headband, like the one below, or worn alone, it is a unique and natural way to make a style statement.


Below is a sample step-by-step for this style necklace. All of the how to’s that I am sharing are for guidance and inspiration. I think the true beauty in these pieces is the personal interpretation. These tips and techniques will give you the basic information and confidence that you need to get started.

Tools and Supplies:


Flowers Used:


Step by Step:

1. Start by determining the length of wire needed by wrapping it (or a string) around the neck. For this asymmetrical style, we needed 27″ and added another 3″ to wrap around the stem of the large rose.
We used 3/16″ Oasis™ Flat Wire in silver. It is a strong and malleable wire, but is still very lightweight.


2. Cut a wire the large open rose as shown in a previous post on wiring flowers. Click here to see instructions.


3. Wrap the end of the rose wire around the end of the flat wire, then twist the flat wire around the bottom of the rose. You can use a round nose pliers for this, but it is not necessary.


4. Cut a small cluster of a filler flower such as alchemilla (Lady’s Mantle) and gather a few of them together and wrap with floral stem wrap. Click here for stem wrapping instructions.


5. Attach these clusters to the back of the rose using floral adhesive. Click here for gluing instructions.


wire-tied-to-rose6. Wire two smaller spray roses and attach to the other end using stem wrap.


7. Add additional floral components such as foliage, berries, and hanging amaranthus by gluing with floral adhesive or hot glue to finish the necklace. You can easily cut the flat wire if you find that it’s longer than needed.


8. Slip your necklace around your neck, and let the festivities begin!


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