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Flower Necklace: Same Technique – Totally Different Look

September 22, 2016

The beauty of designing your own jewelry is that you can make it fit your unique personality or mood—from soft and feminine to bold and dramatic! Holly was going for a fun “biker babe” vibe here.


To make Holly’s necklace, start with a corded single capiz shell necklace.


Layer multiple flat leaf foliage (such as eucalyptus) to create a round shape. Secure with uGlue® dashes.


Cut off the stem of a single gerbera daisy, as close to the flower as possible. Make a glue dash in the center of the leaf foliage and press down the flower.  The variety that we used here is known as a Gerrondo daisy.


Attach the flower and foliage to the shell using uGlue®. We found that the flower sat better on the back of the shell, rather than the front, so feel free to turn it over.

back of shell necklace

Final Step: Wear your custom jewelry at work, home or around town, and listen to the compliments roll in!


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