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Rosé Wine Cooler Centerpiece

July 25, 2018

Knowing a few tricks from the floral industry can make it so easy to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces that can set your party apart from the crowd!For this pretty wine cooler/centerpiece, you’ll need an oblong waterproof tray, a couple of IGLU floral foam cages, fresh flowers, and foliage.These small pieces of floral foam in their own plastic cages can make it so easy to add real flowers to unexpected places while keeping them hydrated and fresh for days!Before using, soak the IGLU in water.Place the soaked IGLU in the tray. If you wanted to display two bottles of wine in this size tray, I would use three IGLU cages.I wanted to have three bottles available, so I used two IGLU cages.Add foliage first.Then add roses.You may find it helpful to have a bottle in place as you’re creating your floral design so that you can build around it.You can use this to simply display your wine in a pretty way, or you can add a few ice cubes around the bottles to keep them chill!

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