Here are a few more vegetable vase ideas to inspire you to create floral arrangements that are uniquely yours.


Look no further than the produce department or your local farmers market for the most innovative and interesting vessels for your fresh cut flowers!

vegetable vase ideas

I have been making “asparagus vases” for many years for events both big and small. Everyone is always so impressed and excited to see how easy it is to re-create. A single bunch of asparagus can make the simplest bouquet, like these Black-eyed Susans straight from my garden, a stand-out star!

vegetable vase ideas with asparagus how to

All you need to do is:

  1. Take the rubber band that comes around the bunch of asparagus and put it around a regular kitchen/beverage glass.
  2. Cut the ends of the asparagus slightly.
  3. Place each asparagus spear one at a time between the glass and the rubber band.
  4. Fill the glass with water.
  5. Tie some raffia or a ribbon around the glass to cover up the rubber band and add another decorative element.

Another approach is to the scoop out the inside of a vegetable and arrange your flowers right inside for a delightful, whimsical look!

Vegetable Vase ideas with asparagus and squash
vegetable vase ideas with potato

Be creative with these vegetable vase ideas, work with what’s in season, and just have fun with it!


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