Florist Develyn Reed posing with floral arrangement

How did you get into the flower business and what do you love best about being a florist?

I’ve only been in the floral business for about 6 years. My in-laws own Achara Florist, and needed someone to work in the gift part of the store. Once I started working with some of the amazing designers, I began to design a little bit myself. I found that I love creating beautiful flower arrangements…and the rest is history!

What are your favorite flowers?

Gosh, I love them all! There are too many to count. But if I had to name a few, they would have to be peonies, hydrangeas and stock. Peonies smell extremely and are just so beautiful. They take center stage in whatever you put them in. Hydrangeas are nice, big gorgeous flowers that I love to use in wedding work. They make bridal bouquets nice and full, and they go with other flowers so well. Stock is another one of my favorites because it comes in all different colors, and has a wonderful fragrance and big, thick blooms that are stunning in everything.

Can you tell us a little bit about Stafford, VA? What is your favorite thing about living there?

The stone that was used for many of the government buildings in Washington, D.C., including the U.S. Capitol and the White House, came from Government Island located here in Stafford, VA. That is one of the things many people do know about our town. The people here come from all over, so we have a very diverse population. We are far enough from our nation’s capital to still be a little country and a little city at the same time. And that’s what I love about living here. It’s the best of both worlds!

Develyn working on Mother's Embrace arrangement

What has been the most rewarding experience during your florist tenure?

Knowing that I had a part in making someone’s day.

What is the weirdest thing you have seen or experienced during your floral career?

I had someone ask me to make a flower arrangement to resemble the movie poster for  “Warcraft.”  It was a strange request, but I did it! I made a sword out of bamboo and sprayed it silver, then put red roses on one side with blue delphinium on the other. It turned out perfect! They were very pleased.

Develyn creating floral arrangement

What is your favorite floral occasion? 

I love weddings. Being able to bring beauty to that most special of days for a couple so in love is just the best feeling. But I also love funeral work. I feel very honored when someone asks me to do the flowers for their loved one’s service. Being able to bring life to memories through someone’s favorite color, flower or smell is a great feeling.

What inspired you to design your Local Exclusive arrangements?

I was inspired by the beauty of flowers. To be able to create so many different arrangements using flowers that come from all over the world is truly a blessing.

Mother's Embrace arrangement

What is your favorite Local Exclusive design that you’ve made and why?

It would be Sensational Spring Beauty™. It has everything: white lilies, pink and yellow snapdragons, yellow and lavender roses, pink Gerberas. It’s breathtaking!

What do you love most about your local community?

The people! We have good-hearted, caring people here in Stafford. You are always met with a smile everywhere you go.

What are some “Fun Facts” that your customers don’t know about you?

I love all things mythical. It doesn’t matter if the book is about vampires, fairies, dragons, werewolves etc. I love them all. I’m always reading something about that world. Now, do I believe they’re all real? Maybe I do. Maybe I don’t!

What makes you smile? 

My family! I am truly blessed to have the most amazing husband and the best five boys a mother could ever ask for. They make me laugh until I cry. They drive me nuts. And they love me endlessly.

All Photos by Avery Carter


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