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Identifying Different Types of Roses

May 4, 2012

You may have heard the names: hybrid tea rose, shrub rose, floribunda, grandiflora, moss rose, centifolia, Gallica, old garden rose…. What exactly are these types of roses?

Send roses.

Roses grow wild all over the world, and people have cherished them for thousands of years. Wild roses have five petals and open into flat blossoms that look more like anemones than modern roses. Desiccated remnants of these roses have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs; five-petal roses have been pictured in Chinese scrolls, in Roman frescoes, and in Persian carpets. 

Needless to say, people have been tinkering with roses for at least a thousand years, resulting in a huge range of types, colors, sizes and shapes. You can divide the results into two major groups: old roses and modern roses.

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