Fun Flower Facts

English Garden Roses, Fit for a Queen

September 19, 2019
hot pink English garden rose

Roses are known throughout the world as a symbol of love and romance. English garden roses, in particular, evoke images of a bygone era when silver vases would have bloomed with masses of pastel roses. These are the vintage beauties you could imagine adorning tables during high tea.

pink English garden roses

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Fun Flower Facts, Romance

Things you didn’t know about Roses:
Rose Meanings, Symbolism & More

September 17, 2019

Romance shouldn’t be limited to that one day a year in February. Love deserves attention all year long. In our busy day-to-day lives, it’s easy to forget to tell the ones we love how much we care. Surprising the one you love with a gift like roses at home or in the office will reignite the spark and magic you’ve always had.

Check out our facts about these romantic flowers that you may not have known that will give you a better understanding of rose meanings and symbolism.

facts about roses rose bouquet

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Fun Flower Facts

Fall Blooming Flowers
Pollinators Love

September 13, 2019

Crisp air, apple cider and pumpkin spice are just a few of the reasons we love Autumn. Just like how some love pumpkin spice, pumpkin décor and a good fall bouquet, pollinators love certain fall flowers.

You may have seen some of these fall blooming flowers before, but did you know these late-bloomers offer so much for your garden? Not only are these flowers in season in October, but they also attract and support butterflies, bees, and a wide range of other pollinators.

fall blooming flowers

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Birthday, Floral Occasions & Holidays

Best Birthday Wishes & Quotes

July 31, 2019
mother and daughter reading card message

Creating a whimsical and awe-inspiring birthday message, especially for someone special, can be challenging! When ‘happy birthday’ or ‘best wishes’ just isn’t going to cut it, fill a birthday card with words of wisdom from some of the greatest leaders, poets and movie stars of all time. With wit, humor and candidness, these birthday wishes will generate laugh and inspire the birthday boy or girl for the year to come! 

mother and daughter reading card message

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Fun Flower Facts

Most Popular Flower Types

July 30, 2019

Flowers come in thousands of different shapes and color combinations, each with their own name and classification. There are over 400,000 types of flowering plants, so there is sure to be a flower that speaks to your unique personality! If that seems like a lot to sort through have no fear – here is a quick list of some of the most popular flower types:


Alstroemerias are more often called either Peruvian Lilies or Lilies of the Incas and are native to South America. Peruvian Lilies come in a variety of warm colors like pink and orange and are symbolic of friendship, wealth and devotion. These flowers bloom in late spring/early summer when exposed to direct sunlight and watered weekly (water more often when you notice soil looking dry, water less when the soil looks soggy).


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Floral Events & News

Passport Day is July 15th & 16th!

July 15, 2019

With plenty of birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions happening everyday, we understand that calendars fill up quickly and gifting can be difficult! As a solution, we developed Celebrations Passport®, a yearly loyalty program, extending across our family of brands, that provides access to Free Shipping or No Service Charges on eligible orders. In the spirit of easy and stress-free gifting, we decided to celebrate our loyal customers with a day filled with even greater discounts, deals and offers. Whether you are new to Celebrations Passport® or a returning member, learn more about what makes Passport Day so special – and why it is something we will look forward to year after year!

What is Passport Day?

Passport Day is a way to say “Thanks!” to our loyal customers by offering a special day this summer filled with exclusive deals and offers, prizes, and social giveaways. Here’s what to look out for on July 15th & 16th: 

  • Special discounts on best-selling products across our family of brands:,, Cheryl’s Cookies,, Harry & David, The Popcorn Factory, and Wolferman’s.
  • Special offers when you shop early on Passport Day
  • Access to a members-only exclusive 25% off discount when you shop on Passport Day

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Floral Occasions & Holidays, Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Card Message Ideas!

April 21, 2019

mother's day card message ideasWith mom it’s the thought that counts which is why Mother’s Day cards are just as important, if not more important, than the gift.  Although cards for Mother’s Day often have their own message inside, it’s always a good idea to personalize it with your own words. If you’re having trouble thinking of the perfect note to mom, here are some sample Mother’s Day card message ideas to help you write the perfect note. Make sure to add your own memories to personalize the cards and potentially make mom tear with joy!

Remember, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating mom so when you’re choosing your words, think of ones she would enjoy reading over and over again.

Enjoy these adorable printable Mother’s day cards from our friends at Goodsey!
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Local Artisan Florist Corner

Introducing Our
Local Artisan Florists!

April 17, 2019

Each year, hosts two Local Artisan Design Workshops, bringing together select groups of florists from across the country to discuss trends, share ideas and collaborate with its product development and merchandising teams. As part of these workshops, florists use their creativity and design expertise to develop unique product concepts for seasonal and everyday occasions. Exceptional and differentiated designs are selected to become part of the Local Artisan Collection and the arrangements become available for sale nationwide.

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Local Artisan Florist Corner


April 1, 2019

How did you get into the flower business and what do you love best about being a florist?
Sunflower arrangementWhen I was about 12 years old, my mom would create wedding flowers from our home. She would work all day at her full time job, come home, cook dinner and then start preparing the flower shipment. I would help her clean and hydrate the flowers, sweep the floor and take out the trash. Mom would show me how to wire boutonnieres and corsages, put pearls in stephanotis, how to use stem wrap and package the product. My most important job was holding the bridal bouquets and trying on the flower head pieces/halos for inspection. I thought I was so cool holding something as special as a bridal bouquet! At my age it sure seemed like a lot of work, but nothing compared to what we do now. Having some floral knowledge under my belt helped me get hired for my first job at a florist at the age of 15.

What I love most about designing flowers, (depending on my feelings with the flowers for that day), is creating something from stems and turning it into a beautiful collection. I do my best work when I feel that I am one with flowers. Designing flowers is an art and a feeling for me.

What I love most about being a florist is a different feeling. Our customers are the best part. They bring the love and appreciation to our designs. We share special bonds over their occasions. I’ve cried, laughed and shared my life with them. Those memories will always be with me. It is the best feeling when you know you have touched someone’s heart and have earned the trust of your customers.

What are your favorite flowers?
I love Gerbera daisies! They just say “look at me”! Vibrant, happy and so many colors, how can you go wrong? But of course garden flowers are beautiful too. They’re easy to work with. Continue Reading…