Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who likes someone a latte or an animal lover who has found the purr-fect partner, Valentine’s Day is the time to espresso your love. This holiday — if you couldn’t tell by now — is also the perfect time to break out the puns, so don’t be afraid to get creative when you tell that special someone that they guac your world and you want to avo-cuddle with them for eternity.

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If you’re searching for the right words to say “We’re the perfect pear” to that a-peeling person in your life, don’t play heart to get. Check out the plentiful puns below!

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Animal Valentine’s Day puns

  1. I love you like no otter.
  2. I think you’re paw-some!
  3. You’re one in a chameleon.
  4. I can’t bear to be without you.
  5. You octopi my heart.
  6. I will owl-ways love you.
  7. You give me porpoise.
  8. I want to smother you with pugs and fishes.
  9. I’m feline a spark between us.
  10. No bunny compares to you.
  11. Will you bee mine?
  12. You are turtle-y awesome.
valentines day puns plush animals
  1. My life is com-bleat because I’ve goat you.
  2. Whale you be mine?
  3. I ruff you!
  4. Seal-ed with a kiss.
  5. I’m paws-itive you should be my valentine!
  6. I cat lie — you’re purr-fect for me.
  7. Stop kitten around: I love you meow and fur-ever.
  8. Will you be my deer?
  9. Let me whisker you away.
  10. You are dino-mite!
  11. Will you o-fish-ally be mine?
  12. I want you to have koala my heart.
  13. I want to let the whole world know you’re my tweet-heart.

Food Valentine’s Day puns

  1. You and I are mint to be.
  2. I think you’re the zest.
  3. Please take this pizza my heart.
  4. Olive you!
  5. You’re soda-lightful.
valentines day puns couple with chocolate covered strawberries
  1. From my head to-ma-toes, I love you!
  2. You might love me a lot, but I love you s’more.
  3. I cannot espresso how much I care for you.
  4. I love you a latte!
  5. I’m bananas for you.
  6. We’re butter together.
  7. You whisk me off my feet.
  8. donut know what I’d do without you!
  9. We are a perfect pear.
  10. Words cannot express hummus I love you.
  11. Will you brie mine?
  12. You sure are a-peeling.
  13. Do you want to avo-cuddle?
  14. Orange you glad we’re together?
  15. Pie like you cherry much.
  1. You’re the loaf of my life.
  2. I’m coco-nuts about you.
  3. You’re all that and dim sum.
  4. I ap-peach-iate you.
  5. You make my heart skip a beet.

Nature Valentine’s Day puns

valentines day puns man holding heart bamboo
  1. Aloe you vera much.
  2. I pine fir you.
  3. I’ll never take you for granite.
  4. Wood you be mine?
  5. I’m falling for you; please, never leaf me.
  6. There is so mushroom in my heart for you.
  7. I love you so moss.
  8. You had me at “aloe.”
  9. Thistle be the best love story ever.
  10. Do you be-leaf in love at first sight?
  11. Can I kiss your tulips?
  12. I’ll never desert you.
  13. I think you’re tree-mendous.
  14. I lava you a lot.

Science & math Valentine’s Day puns

  1. Our connection is great; I think you’re Wi-Fi material.
  2. I lichen you a lot.
  3. You are plane awesome.
  4. I aorta tell you how much I love you.
  5. I can’t stand how acute you are.
  6. I have my ion you.
  7. You’re as sweet as Pi.
  8. I love you watts.
  9. I think of U periodically.
  10. I sulfur when you argon.
  11. I love you beyond measure.

valentines day puns husband and wife celebrating watching football

Sports Valentine’s Day puns

  1. I want to en-golf you with kisses.
  2. I pitcher us being together.
  3. I’m a soccer for you.
  4. I’m so glad we mitt.
  5. I love you a bowl lot.
  6. We are putter together.

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