Spice up Your Easter Egg Hunt With These Helpful Tips

Family On Easter Egg Hunt In Daffodil Field

The hunt is on! This weekend, tracking down those Easter eggs doesn’t have to be a plain old game of hide-and-seek. Check out these creative Easter egg hunt ideas and show your kids a hopping good time!

Use Flower Trails

Mark a starting point in the middle of your yard. Using Easter flowers, create multiple trails on the grass that lead from the starting point to each hidden egg. Each individual trail is made with a specific color flower. To make things even more exciting, make a few “fake” trails that lead the kids away from the eggs, with some clues at the end of the trail explaining how to get back on track. The kids have to follow the flowers to find the eggs, and whoever gets the most eggs wins! The best part is that the kids can collect the flowers as they follow each trail, so they’ll have a basket full of candy and blooms when the game is over.

Go Candy-less

Candy doesn’t have to be the only prize for your Easter egg hunt. Fill those plastic eggs with something a little bit more healthy and fun. Here are some suggestions:

  • Money or loose change
  • Stickers
  • Flower seeds
  • Coupons that can be redeemed for fun activities (like a sleepover)
  • Miniature toys or trinkets, like Squinkies or toy cars
  • Hair accessories, mini nail polish or lip gloss for girls
  • Small magnets
  • Key chains
  • Bouncy balls
  • Plastic animals
  • Silly Putty
  • Costume jewelry
  • Movie tickets
  • Gift certificates

Glow in the Dark

Fill up plastic Easter eggs with glow sticks and hide them around your backyard. Once the sun goes down, you’re ready for a neon-themed Easter party!

Solve the Puzzle

Print out a photo of the grand prize for your Easter egg hunt. Cut out the paper into small puzzle pieces and put each piece into a plastic egg. Have the kids hunt for all the eggs and put the puzzle pieces together to find out what they win.

Get Color-Coordinated

Assign a color to each child, and then have each kid find all of the eggs in their specific color. Hide an equal amount of eggs for each color so everyone gets the same amount of prizes. Everyone’s a winner!

Find the Treasure

Draw a map of your yard and mark your egg hiding spots with an “X.” Have the kids dress up like pirates and use the map to find the hidden booty.

Riddle Me This

Give each child a sheet of paper with a list of riddles. Each riddle, when solved, gives kids a clue to where one Easter egg is. The more riddles they solve, the more eggs they’ll get.

Use a Checklist

Each kid gets a checklist of all the specific eggs they have to find (e.g., three yellow eggs, five blue eggs, etc.). Whoever finds everything on their checklist first wins the big prize!

Search by Numbers

Label the outside of each egg with a number. Each child has to find one numbered egg, which they can redeem for a small prize that’s labeled with the corresponding number.

Seize the Rainy Day

Don’t let bad weather put a damper on your Easter egg hunt. Hide the eggs around the house, and give each kid a small flashlight. Turn off the lights and let the search begin!

Practice Your Alphabet

Place one letter of the alphabet into each plastic Easter egg. In order to win the big prize, kids have to work together to find all of the eggs and put them in alphabetical order.

How will you put a fun new twist on your kids’ Easter egg hunt this year?


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